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I left the mountains of Maine for St. Augustine Beach in 2015, and haven’t looked back.  It has been wonderful to enjoy long walks outside without ever worrying about ticks.  Although Lyme disease is prevalent inland (especially for those who like to camp in Florida state parks), the beaches offer miles of stress free nature enjoyment, not to mention a much warmer climate!

It took about a year to regain my strength but I now walk at least 2 miles every day and have gotten strong enough to go back to work – you guessed it – selling real estate!

See where I live.

Most of you know that I moved from New England to St. Augustine Beach in 2015, in fact many of you helped me do it! The ongoing (and growing) danger of being re-infected by a tick bite during any outdoor activity is a real fear for anyone who has suffered with Lyme disease, but for people who have suffered for years with a chronic condition the idea is terrifying especially when you finally recover enough to enjoy an active lifestyle.

I used to spend hours outside on my farm – with my horses and dogs as well as gardening and hiking on the nearby Appalachian Trail.  I found that even small forays outdoors frequently resulted in potential tick bites when deer ticks would drop out of nowhere – needless to say it always FREAKED me out – especially because 50% of the ticks in Maine have found to be infected with Borrelia.

So for any of you fellow Lyme warriors who are looking for a positive change, I would love to show you around down here in sunny Florida. The real estate is some of the most affordable properties in the country – especially for beach communities. I showed a beach-front condo last week that is listed for just over $200K – can you believe that? And I’m talking about a real oceanfront with the windows directly facing the waves!

There is a great LLMD in Jacksonville about 45 minutes away, and a state-of-the-art hospital right here in town. St. Augustine is also the oldest city on the east coast – over 450 years old and has the architecture and charm to prove it.

Send me an email anytime for more information. I would love to meet you and help you find the ideal home to recover your health, and create your ideal lifestyle.

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