Finally a Gold Standard Diagnostic Test For All Species of Borrelia

Finally a Gold Standard Diagnostic Test For All Species of Borrelia

As of August 1, 2012, Advanced Laboratory Services (photo credit) has a new diagnostic test for Lyme disease that was developed with the help (as a consultant NOT owner, stockholder or sales rep) of Dr. Joseph Burrascano.

This new test is a blood culture that identifies the bacteria itself rather than searching for a certain concentration of antibodies, and its 100% reliable for any strain of Borrelia barring contaminated samples.

ALS says about their new test:

“The culture, as the Gold Standard of infectious diseases, should always be considered as the primary diagnostic test. However, the following are just some examples in which culturing is essential: suspected Lyme in a seronegative patient; in those with conflicting serologic results; Lyme patients who remain symptomatic despite prior treatment; in the newborn who may have received maternal Lyme antibodies; symptomatic Lyme-vaccinated patients in whom a serology may not be accurate; someone with a prior history of Lyme who is re-bitten; in the immunosuppressed in whom a false negative serology is more likely; in patients with concurrent illnesses that may have given rise to a false positive serology, etc.”

We have seen the tremendous flaws in the commonly used serological tests!

Also, if we look at the most exacting research, we can see that results are always measured using cultures that examine the blood and tissue looking for the actual bacteria.  This is how the spirochetes were found in mice joints and monkey joints after antibiotic treatment.

In fact Dr. Burrascano and other leading Lyme experts have long argued that the longer a person id infected with Borrelia burgdoerferi, the less likely a positive test will result from  serological tests such as the ELISA or even the Western Blot.

Thankfully this new test will show a positive result for even the most chronic case of Lyme.

How is the test conducted?

ALS reports, “The sample is incubated and after ten to fourteen days it is tested by darkfield microscopy, polyclonal and monoclonal immunostaining, and by multivalent nested PCR. If Borrelia are seen then, a final report of a positive result is generated and sent to the practitioner. If no Borrelia are seen with these methods, then the sample is placed into Long Term Culture that is assayed once, at two months, and a final report is generated at that time. Less than half of the samples need the Long Term Culture.”

Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Burrascano talking about Lyme and the new test here.

Watch full hour presentation on diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Burrascano here.

How can you get this test done?  You have to ask for it.  If you have an open minded primary care doctor or a top Lyme-literate doctor – ask for the new test by Advanced Laboratory Services from and/or:

As Dr. Burrascano says in the video, be prepared to see much higher numbers of people who are infected.

It is currently available in 48 states. Hopefully it will be available to the rest of the US and other countries soon.

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