Fight IDSA Stranglehold on Meaningful Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

Fight IDSA Stranglehold on Meaningful Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

This is a letter from Paul Mall, Lyme awareness activist in the Boston area.  He has been keeping tabs on the continuing war being waged on the IDSA over their guidelines and murky conflict of interest amongst IDSA board members, as well as their utter disregard of new information that affects Lyme and the treatment of Lyme.

He writes about a planned protest coming up in Boston:

It seems the Guideline Authors have gotten wind of our planned protest and have released an article trying to dismiss us.

Let’s let them know who is truly ignoring the SCIENCE!

This is rather amusing considering they are the ones completely ignoring the science.

Here is a link to the summary of the latest article published by 8 out of 10 of the IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines Authors:

Click here for some response to this article.

They are ignoring the very SCIENCE they claim does not exist!  For more information on the Science use link below.  Feel free to print and share the Science with any skeptics

Now more than ever we need everyone on board for this Important event to Protest the IDSA Guidelines and their Authors who continue to feed lies into the community

See you all in Boston


I am including this information to support Paul.

We must stick together while facing those esteemed medical professionals who think we are hypochondriacs or delusional.  Unfortunately their opinion has influenced media and hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders who doesn’t have any experience with chronic Lyme disease and are quite happy to believe the authoritative pronouncements from IDSA (and look at their suffering friends with raised eyebrows and unkind thoughts/judgements.)

Thank you Paul, for your efforts that help all of us!

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