Fast relief for 1st-time Lyme Sufferers

Fast relief for 1st-time Lyme Sufferers

Fast relief is hardly likely, but it is what we all want.

I get so many frantic emails from sufferers who have either self-diagnosed, or are sick of no answers for debilitating symptoms and want relief. I have been there.

The sooner you catch Lyme, the better, and from experience I will tell you that antibiotics work best (and fastest) – however you will need extra supplements to support immune system AND other treatment protocols to pulse and hit different areas.

This is not meant to be a definitive article but a ray of hope to people who are without any support or knowledge re: Lyme and the many co-infections…

First make an appointment with a Lyme-literate doctor. Then while you are waiting (the best doctors have long waiting lists) you can try Cowden’s protocol or Buhner’s protocol which is over the counter. Another extremely affordable treatment is Himalayan salt and Apple Poly or even Morton’s salt and Vitamin C (see

Also Serrapeptase or Samento & Banderol are required to break down biofilms (which protect the bacteria from treatments) and a parasite treatment is also necessary as the spirochetes will drill into anything to hide from treatment.

Required reading (as soon as humanly possible) is “Why Can’t I Get Better?” by Richard Horowitz, MD and “Cure Unknown” by Pamela Weintraub.  Another very helpful book is “Freedom from Lyme Disease” by Bryan Rosner.

A short note regarding co-infections…there are so many that can tag along from a tick bite.  The more I learn about co-infections the more freaked out I become. It is truly dizzying (this is why you really do need an expert on tick-borne diseases). However, they can all be eradicated given time and a committed strategy.

I have observed that the people who frantically try a new treatment for say 1 – 4 months do not improve. If you want to get better any time soon you must stick to a treatment plan.

For most reliable diagnostic test see

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