Eva Sapi Gets Good Press on “Horrible Lyme Disease”

Eva Sapi Gets Good Press on

Eva Sapi, for those who don’t know, is a pioneer researcher in Lyme disease, and has been on the search for a Lyme disease cure for the better part of her career. Shestarted out in ovarian cancer research, first as a post-doctoral researcher at the Yale School of Medicine and then at University of New Haven where she transitioned into Lyme disease as a result of her own brush with Lyme disease.

According to a recent article in NH Register:

Now Sapi, PhD – an professor and research scholar in UNH’s Department of Biology and Environmental Science, heads the university’s Lyme disease research group, working with more than 10 student researchers at a time.

Together, they do groundbreaking research into the way Borrelia burgdorferi can rearrange its structure (or morph) including the unique action of Bb forming a slime-like “biofilm” that she believes enables the disease to “hide” during efforts to treat it with antibiotics.

Her research regarding the biofilms importance in curing Lyme disease has been published far and wide, and especially gained fame after the release of “Under Our Skin” (which went viral) during which she was interviewed.

Her sincerity and calm demeanor along with her dogged determination endear her to the hearts of sufferers around the world while her research fuels deeper in-depth studies designed to unlock the mysteries of curing such a dreaded disease. It also lays the framework for companies who are trying to develop a marketable product for curing Lyme.

Currently a multi-tiered treatment is required to treat Lyme which is understood by a frustratingly few medical practitioners (relatively speaking) so her work is truly groundbreaking.

Unfortunately the financial support she was receiving that enabled much of her work was not continued by Lyme Research Alliance so ongoing work is challenged by financial constraints.

If you wish to donate to Dr. Sapi’s work she may be contacted at the University of New Haven.

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