Energy for Chronic Lyme Disease Through Mitochondrial Support

Energy for Chronic Lyme Disease Through Mitochondrial Support

According to the most recent scientific studies on human cellular energy, the strength of the mitochondria in our cells is directly related to our energy and critically important to heal and recover from any illness or disease. Especially with chronic Lyme disease (and chronic fatigue syndrome which is a symptom of Lyme disease), building healthy mitochondria can make the difference between success and failure.The Journal of Cell Biology (a publication of The Rockefeller University) reports: “Mitochondria are engaged in a plethora of cellular processes and are therefore of utmost importance for cell viability. Mitochondria are not static entities but are highly dynamic and require that supplies of proteins and membrane lipids be coordinated and adjusted to meet physiological and functional demands.”  (Read entire article here: Mitochondria are the batteries of our cells. Healthy cell membranes may degrade because lipids have become damaged (often due to poor diet, disease or drug medication). When your cell membranes degrade then so does energy production. Watch Harvard University’s short YouTube presentation on how the mitochondria power our cells: or for 17 minutes of medical information simplified for those with chronic illness and a path to recovery: NOTE: Don’t worry, Propax NT and Green Vibrance fulfill the nutritional requirements discussed in this video You can see it every day by watching the energy of a 2 year old with unlimited supply of healthy mitochondria compared to the sick or elderly who have damaged mitochondria and are not fighting the aging process with diet, exercise or supplements. For those of us with chronic Lyme disease, we need all of our energy to fight the disease and our cellular structure suffers.  That is why it is vital to supplement the good nutrition of a healthy diet with specific nutrients that support the mitochondria. Mitochondria produce cellular energy by converting substances from our food into ATP, which is the energy molecule our bodies need to operate.  Mitochondria are found in every cell in the body that contains genetic material.  In addition to supplying cellular energy, mitochondria are involved in a range of other metabolic processes such as cell signaling, cellular growth and differentiation, cell death, and the control of healthy cell cycles. Over time, mitochondria decrease in number and function, which can result in diminished energy production in every area of the body.  The brain, nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine and skeletal muscles are among the tissues that are most vulnerable to decreased mitochondrial function and energy production.   This can set many processes in motion that are associated with cellular and tissue aging.  Fortunately, there are a number of ingredients that can effectively support the function of our mitochondria, the energy they produce and the tissues that rely on them.  Synergistic formulas designed to support mitochondrial function can also support the synthesis of ATP and the energy associated with it.  Unique ingredient formulations can support mitochondrial function through specific amino acids, vitamins, and plant extracts to support physical, mental and emotional energy, as well as support for healthy mood, focus and concentration.  Well designed mitochondrial formulas can support: 

  • Energy production
  • Mental clarity and alertness
  • Mood and emotional stability
  • Healthy stress response and recovery
  • Healthy glandular function
  • Healthy brain and nervous system function
  • Healthy muscular function

Mitochondrial support formulas can also be developed specifically for individuals involved in high intensity training and performance activities.  These formulas can support maximum energy production and output for those engaged in intense physical training, athletic events or any strenuous program or activity.  Specific ingredients in these formulas can also support cardiovascular health, lean muscle mass and mental focus. Maintaining healthy mitochondrial function is critically important.  Providing support for the mitochondria’s delicate cellular structures and numbers will help support the wide range of vital processes they are responsible for, including energy, endurance, and age-associated changes in cellular processes and structures. I take Propax NT (recommended by my LLMD) for mitochondrial support, overall nutrition (I don’t have to take as many supplements separately and save money too), increased energy and to fight viruses. Propax with NT vs. the other Propax products is very important because it contains over 1500 mg of NT Factor per packet (I take 2 packets per day because I am in a critical part of my recovery.  If you take too many nutrients at the beginning of an acute illness your body may not be able to process the nutrients and you would be wasting your money.  Always go to an expert medical doctor (LLMD if you have chronic Lyme disease) if you are sick.) NOTE: The information below does not apply to someone who is extremely ill but shows you the power of NT Factor, and why it is an important part of your recovery.    howitworks_01  The Problem: As we get older, we get holes in our cells caused by oxidative stress and other outside forces.  These holes cause us to lose energy, and lead to all the other characteristics associated with aging.   The Solution: NT Factor® plugs the holes with healthy, unoxidized, phosphoglycolipids. howitworks_02 How NT Factor® Repairs Damaged Cells NT Factor®’s formula containing phosphoglycolipids moves from tablets in the GI tract to the intestinal cell membranes by the process of Spontaneous Incorporation. NT Factor®’s formula reaches every cell and organ in the body and repairs the bio-membrane lipid, by the transfer from cell to cell  of new phospholipids introduced by NT Factor® . howitworks_03  NT Factor® Spreads To The Body Repairing and Restoring Damaged Cells Over Time 3 Days Surveys showed start of fatigue reduction and increased energy. 30 Days 25 – 30% increase in cell function. Corresponding reduction in fatigue with increase in energy. 60 Days Fatigue dramatically reduced, as scientifically measured. Cell function improved 45% – Better than controls half their age. References: Seidman M. Mumatz J. et. al.: Influence of lecithin on mitochondrial DNA and age-related hearing loss. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 127(3): 138-144, 2002 Nicolson GL, Conklin KA: Reversing mitochondrial dysfunction, fatigue and the adverse effects of chemotherapy of metastatic disease by molecular replacement therapy. Clin Exp Matastasis 25(2): 161-9, 2008 Elithorge R, Settineri R, Nicolson GL: Reduction of fatigue by use of dietary supplement containing Glycophospholipids. JANA 6(1): 23-28, 2003 Agadjanyan M, Vasilevko V, et. al.: Nutritional Supplement (NT Factor) restores mitochondrial function and reduces moderately severe fatigue in aged subjects. JCFS 11(3): 23-26, 2003 According to the manufacturers of Propax, Propax with NT Factor®® is a complete nutritional system, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, provided in one simple package. Over 15 years of research and clinical trials have shown Propax to be a cutting edge product. It has been shown to reduce fatigue by 40%, repair and replace cell membranes damaged by oxidative stress, and even reverse symptoms of aging, such as hearing loss.   SOURCE: Nutrigenix Uckele Health Website,    

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