Empowered Healing for Chronic Lyme Disease

Empowered Healing for Chronic Lyme Disease

by Diane Solari

It’s no secret – Lyme disease has become a major health issue in the past decade. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some top physicians consider it the perfect disease.

It’s multi-faceted, multi-systemic, the causative organism (Borrelia burgdorferi) mimics many other diseases, it is normally accompanied by a host of other pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites, and the kicker is that it’s hard to diagnosis and treatment can be extremely difficult.

Specifically because of all these challenges that come with Lyme, we at Innovative Medicine spent the last 12 years asking the tough questions in an attempt to get to the bottom of things. “Why is it that some Lyme patients seem to greatly improve while others spiral downwards in health? What are the secrets of those lucky patients who seems to beat Lyme and sustain their health? And is there an X-factor or a special program one can implement themselves to improve their chances of becoming Lyme-free?” These questions led us around the world, speaking with top doctors and practitioners with successful Lyme outcomes, as well as a plethora of patients who were once in the depths of despair due to Lyme but today are exemplary beacons of health and vitality, and ultimately to some amazing answers.

One such experience that stood out was that of Benjamin Ahrens, who suffered from chronic Lyme disease and at one point was on 60 pills and had an IV catheter stitched into his chest pumping him full of antibiotics. Today, Ben is completely healthy and devoting much of his time to helping others. While Ben’s journey was arduous, winding, and at times incredibly frustrating, his profound accomplishment of reclaimed health made him the perfect person to collaborate with to produce and compile the various principles and actions that have been clinically proven to improve recovery, increase vitality, and lead to sustainable health.

“When in the throes of Lyme disease, I read every book and paper I could get my hands on. And when I could not read (due to neurological symptoms) I’d listen to courses, interviews, and seminars from leading Lyme physicians such as Dr. Thomas Rau and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. I was looking for an answer, not a cure, but a resolution to the question of why some people (even under the same treatment protocols) stay ill while others get well? ‘What is that missing ingredient?’ I’d think to myself and most importantly, ‘how will I ever break free from this?’ – Listening to the words of physicians who seemed to have the best understanding of Lyme and best patient results, I noticed them talking a lot about ‘Lyme vs Lyme Disease;’ stating that while many people get Lyme (Borrelia + confections), only a few get Lyme disease and go on to experience symptoms. Indeed, many members of my family repeatedly test positive for Lyme on the western blot (we all live in the North East) but have never been impacted by symptoms of any related kind. I knew there had to be something else… Then, several integrative physicians all told me the same thing: ‘while medicine plays a role, no supplement nor pharmaceutical will ever be as powerful as the body’s own immune system’ – So I turned my research toward learning about all possible causes that could impact the immune system, and how we can effectively mitigate them ourselves to boost our own natural self-healing potential. Now, 7 years later and fully recovered, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Innovative Medicine and tap into their network of top physicians and patients who’ve also made astounding recoveries in similar ways. The result? I believe we’ve created a repeatable blueprint for others follow to facilitate their own enduring self-healing experience.” – Ben Ahrens

Watch Ben’s Tedtalk here.

Enter ‘Empowered Healing‘.

Utilizing the best advice, secrets, and techniques of top physicians, reverse engineering the steps of successful patients like Ben, and tapping into the many discoveries in a variety of fields of science such as quantum physics, behavioral science and human consciousness, Empowered Healing was born and is based on a simple yet powerful truth: health is our natural state of being, and given the right inputs, can be reclaimed by anyone.

We’re now sharing a free 30-day beta version of the Empowered Healing program with you, readers of Jenna’s Lyme Blog, so you can follow in the footsteps of Ben and many others in achieving sustainable health through a comprehensive approach to optimizing all aspects of life – from regenerative sleep, to uplifting and inspiring relationships, to understanding nutrition and raising consciousness – and beyond.

Who is Innovative Medicine? We are a solution-based company pioneering a transformation in the medical field through advanced and personalized integrative medicine. We aim to change the medical paradigm, impact lives, and alter the way we define and preserve our greatest treasure – health.

Editors Note: I have signed up for the free trail Empowered Healing is currently offering and have found it incredibly valuable – check it out at Empowered Healing‘.

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