Dr. Phil Has People Talking About Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Phil Has People Talking About Chronic Lyme Disease

People need to know the truth about Lyme disease, and the vast majority of conventional medical doctors are unwilling to make waves in their community and risk ridicule or ostracism even when their patients are suffering.

If the normal run of tests come back normal, they (the doctors) send you home no matter how much pain you are in – suggesting oh so politely – that you need to seek psychiatric care.  Sure there are hypochondriacs out there, but we are talking about millions of people in the US alone, whole families in the Northeast!  Why would an 8 year old child choose to spend weeks on end in a dark room complaining about joint pain, neck pain, headaches, pain from light and sound, pain from touch, twitches and painful burning sensations appear and disappear…don’t you think riding your bike with friends or playing video games sounds like more fun??

Dr. Phil presents the audience with a beautiful model who was struck down at the peak of her career and he asks her directly, “Are you faking it?”  Watch the segments here and leave comments (this is the new and updated CALDA site – really well done!) Lymedisease.org/news/lyme_disease_views/drphil-lyme-episode.html

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2 Responses to Dr. Phil Has People Talking About Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Camp Other says:

    Oh man, Jenna… I did not like the way Dr. Phil opened the segment by showing this young woman, Stephanie, and asking her not the question, “How did you find out your symptoms were caused by Lyme disease?” – but “Are you faking it?”. He then talked about hypochondria and how people act as if they’re sick to get attention. I was appalled. I really felt sympathy for her, and she was brave to come on national TV to not only discuss her experience but show people what it’s like and he had to start with an opener no one suffering with Lyme disease wants to hear.

    This influenced me to write about it, and the issue of labeling patients’ conditions without having sufficient evidence to offer a diagnosis in the first place. I wrote about it Friday and posted on Saturday: http://campother.blogspot.com/2012/04/commentary-on-dr-phil-lyme-disease-and.html

    I think the ladies interviewed did a fine job. I think more could have been done to discuss the scientific and medical controversy in Lyme disease and more time should have been given to it. I also think it would be good if the media included a couple of average Joes who have been struck down with Lyme disease – men don’t get as much press for their Lyme stories as women do and need to be represented, too.

  2. Moshe A says:

    I wish they had talked about the antitrust involving the IDSA and how they had their hands in the cookie jars with the insurance companies. Why do people not expose what the CT AG found?

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