Do You Have Eye Problems With Chronic Lyme?

Do You Have Eye Problems With Chronic Lyme?

Dr. Daniel Cameron has recently posted  a great article on the possible complications with eye sight on his excellent Lyme blog.If you have never visited his site, be prepared to spend some serious time looking at the current articles as well as the significant archive from this experienced Lyme-literate physician.

Some people don’t experience any eye problems.  For me, I experienced extreme photophobia along with intense and relentless pain in both eyes which caused me to line every window with blankets and  to cower indoors avoiding any bright light. Ophthalmologists examined my eyes many times during the eight years I suffered and never found a clear reason for the pain or sensitivity.

But now, ophthamologists are seeing a direct correlation between Lyme disease and eye problems.

Dr. Cameron writes,

“Ophthalmic manifestations of tick-borne diseases are increasing in the United States, according to a review published recently in Current Opinion in Ophthalmology. And, “although ocular involvement can be self-limited, delays in diagnosis may result in vision impairment and even blindness,” stated Sathiamoorthi from the Mayo Clinic.

The authors described patients with tick-transmitted diseases presenting with the following ophthalmologic findings:

  • Follicular conjunctivitis
  • Periorbital edema and mild photophobia
  • Bell’s palsy, cranial nerve palsies and Horner syndrome
  • Argyll Robertson pupil
  • Keratitis
  • Optic neuritis, papilledema, papillitis and neuroretinitis
  • Myositis of extraocular muscles and dacryoadenitis
  • Episcleritis, anterior and posterior scleritis
  • Anterior, intermediate, posterior and panuveitis
  • Retinal vasculitis, cotton wool spots and choroiditis
  • Retinitis, macular edema and endophthalmitis

The authors point out that optic neuritis, which is often seen in multiple sclerosis,  occurs in Lyme disease, as well. Furthermore, they remind readers that although it is rare, uveitis can also be found in Lyme disease (LD). “Findings include vitreitis, retinal vasculitis, cotton wool spots, choroiditis, macular edema and endophthalmitis,” stated Sathiamoorthi.  “In several cases, spirochetes were detected in vitreous material.”

Read more here.

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