Do Electronic Magnetic Fields Contribute to Chronic Lyme Disease?

Do Electronic Magnetic Fields Contribute to Chronic Lyme Disease?

Increase your chances of recovering completely from chronic Lyme disease and protect yourself from radioactive electromagnetic fields with a BioElectric Shield necklace to block all harmful carcinogenic and radioactive EMFs.

If you had the time to listen to the fascinating interview  between Dr. Mercola, Dr. Klinghardt and chronic Lyme disease, you may have heard Dr. Klinghardt’s assessment of the ultimate havoc that radioactive EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) have on our health.

Dr. Andrew Weil states that“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.”

Where does it come from?

For starters, let’s look at your home.

The wiring in your walls and outlets create an ever-present electromagnetic field in the room. Nearby power lines radiate even more EMF exposure into your home.

Household appliances and lighting, especially “energy-saving” computers, refrigerators, plasma TVs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and dimmer switches produce a particularly harmful dose of EMFs.

When these energy-efficient electronics and appliances tamp down the electrical current, they create a wildly fluctuating and potentially dangerous electromagnetic field.

High-frequency voltage transients, or “dirty electricity,” results and radiates into your home.

These EMFs can also back up along your wiring all the way to the utility, infecting every energy customer in between.

Add in all the everyday things you use – alarm clock, electric razor, hair dryer, electric toothbrush – and you’re literally cluttering your living environment with toxic doses of EMFs.

In addition to all of that we have wi-fi and mobile phones.

The electrosmog created from all sources, including electronics, cell and cordless phones, wireless technology (especially Blue Tooth and WiFi), certain alarm systems, and radio and TV transmissions are now conclusively proven in over 2,000 studies to be hazardous to your health.

In fact just recently, on May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization reversed previous statements and declared that cell phones very possibly cause cancer.

But don’t wait for your cell phone carrier or Internet provider to deliver the bad news. Wireless Internet technology, some home alarm systems, cell phones, digital cordless phones, and blue tooth all use dangerous microwave radiation.

Cell phone radiation comes into all homes from nearby cell phone panels. So whether you are at home or away from home – there is no place “safe” anymore unless you make it that way.

And then you add wireless technology. Even if you don’t have WiFi, the EMFs from your neighbors’ wireless technology extends into your living space as well.

As you might already realize, cell phones, especially when used without a safe headset, are very problematic when it comes to EMFs — for both the user and others. Of all the cell phones, the iPhone presents an exceptional hazard.

Even when switched off, the iPhone acts as a transmitter from other cell phone users. In other words… if you happen to be the closest person to a cell phone tower, you and your iPhone serve as a transmitter station for possibly thousands of other cell phone users further away!

This is not just a theoretical threat.  This is a reality that is currently detriorating the lealth of millions of people around the world – especially those who are already sick with cancer or chronic Lyme disease.

Every cell in your body undergoes more than 100,000 biochemical reactions per second. And to ensure things run smoothly, every cell, tissue, and organ need to talk to each other and share information about those reactions.

This critical information travels as light signals via the autonomic nervous system throughout your body. These light signals connect to a biophysical field of light that your body creates outside of itself. This outer biophoton field, or “biofield,” is sensitive to magnetic and pulsating light fields.

The frequencies used by your body to communicate its information are in the range of a couple of billion Hertz. And that is the problem.

The cell phone industry is now using this very same frequency band for cell phone-to-cell phone communication.

We now have strong scientific evidence that these cell phone microwaves are significantly interfering with the healthy communications between your physical body and your external “biofield” of light.

In other words, they’re causing “static” and breaking down your body’s essential communications. Your cells can’t properly respond to signals from your brain, nervous system and immune system.

According to the Journal of Biochemistry, just living in a community with cell phone reception destroys crucial central signaling pathways in your cells.

Poor cellular communication and the dysfunctional autonomic nervous system that results are known precursors to cancer and other types of chronic illnesses.

A German study very clearly demonstrates these effects from cell phone radiation. For the first five years of exposure to a community cell phone tower, there is no increased cancer risk.

After five years, there is a sharp rise. At the end of ten years, there is a three to five-fold increase in cancer rates.

If you want to know your exposure, check  Just enter your address and get a free report listing all existing towers and antennas (even those planned for the future); of every type and even raw power and frequency data for that location.

I guarantee you will be alarmed, or at least you should be.  You can have the best diet with the highest quality organic foods and top shelf supplements, exercise and low stress…but the radioactive EMFs will be eating away at your health.

What can you do?

There are products galore that advertise their protective power against this electro-pollution – from canopies that cover your bed while you sleep to headbands, hats, and just about anything you can conceive of.  Don’t let the hype confuse you.  In my opinion there are two products that are important for you and each member of your family.

First, assuming you use a cell phone (if you don’t great – skip down to the next section) you don’t want to fry your brain (See “Are You Frying Your Brain With Your Cell Phone?”)  Green 8 USA has what you need with all of the science and testimonials you need to feel confident about the quality and safety of this product – not to mention the economy! You must check this out:

Green 8 USA

Now, what about the rest of the radioactive EMFs pounding at your body day and night.  Do you really think that turning off your wi-fi at night is going to help?  Perhaps…marginally…but there is a fantastic new product on the market now that can protect you and your family all the day and night – its called a BioElectric Shield.

Using applied physics, the living energy BioElectric Shield provides a lifetime of EMF protection, stress reduction, and energy enhancement. The Shield, uses “Earth Resonance Technology” developed from Nobel Prize winning physics – specifically the scientifically activated matrix of quartz and other living crystals which:

  • PROTECTS you from cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy;
  • STRENGTHENS your own natural healthy energy field, amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily;
  • ENHANCES your natural energy, improving focus, performance and goal achievement.
  • BALANCES your system to the level of your DNA and helps to keep your immune system strong.

BioElectric Shield

Increase your chances of recovering completely from chronic Lyme disease.  Protect yourself from radioactive electromagnetic fields with a Green 8 USA for your cell phone, and a BioElectric Shield to block electro-smog and radioactive EMFs.

(Originally posted on November 14, 2011)




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