Deadly Lyme Co-infection Powassan Virus Spreading Across America

Deadly Lyme Co-infection Powassan Virus Spreading Across America

The doctors are stumped.  Again.  Flu-like symptoms and aching joints leading to raging headaches and fevers that come and go.

However, this virus continues to get worse as it invades the central nervous system and begins to cause encephalitis with acute onset of profound muscle weakness, confusion, and other severe neurologic signs including dementia and paralysis, and in up to 30% of the cases death. Also called Powassan Encephilitis due to the majority of cases exhibiting encephilitisthe CDC’s map shows a relatively small number of reported cases between 2001 & 2012, see  The small numbers is undoubtedly due to the fact that so few doctors that are aware of it.

[Author’s Note: The CDC (Center for Disease Control) map does not show any reported cases in New Hampshire or Vermont but if it included 1999 & 2000 there would be 3 more cases in Maine and a case in Vermont see:, and on August 1 of this year (2013)  New Hampshire reported the first case of Powassan virus.  Of further note is that the same man tested positive for another virus that is carried by mosquitoes. Could Powassan virus have been delivered by the mosquito?

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The Poughkeepsie Journal reports about Rick Stanton,  a MTA police officer who was struck down with the virus last year, and sent from hospital to hospital as his symptoms became more and more severe yet doctors couldn’t find a diagnosis.

Thankfully his wife Nicole heard about Powassan from her cousin whose co-worker’s child had been diagnosed with Powassan virus previously.  Nicole, after further research requested the hospital in New York City to test her husband.  The doctors were aware of the virus but it took days of persistence for Nicole to get them to agree to send a blood sample to the CDC, and then it was a couple of weeks more of waiting before the diagnosis came back positive.

Once they began treating Mr. Stanton with anti-viral medicine, he began to get better although it took him months to regain the use of his legs.

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  1. wlk says:

    Jenna, was glad to see you post this on the Powassan….Cuz…..there’s a whole lot more people don’t know! Back in 08′ when I got infected by the tick from hell……I was given a laminated sheet by a guy running the New York State Health Dept booth at a fair. It’s purpose was to give people info on Lyme…and only that. Well….It was the poorest set up ever seen with awful facts…When I started telling him the real facts……I was loud….quite a crowd showed up….they listened to me…and demanded from him the real truth….He was so ashamed of himself…..and admited so………he just said…..”I don’t know”!!! and said “here”! and he gave us every thing he had, even behind the booth!!!! On this laminated sheet…….!!!! was the Powassan Virus….AKA…woodchuck tick…..YES! “THEY” knew a long time ago…….also….even more sad for the past 7yrs the fair does not have any booths of anykind any more about any of these Killers….and all the road billboards warning people about ticks where taken down in the area……..Talk about a fast …cover yur azz…protectin’ from liability…play stupid just to save from suits while Millions more suffer and DIE……….”They” all act like this is all new…it’s not…it’s a cover to “save face” “I’m stupid, but I’m makin’ tons of money” off the backs of those who suffer and die………..Not too long ago I questioned and provided facts to a researcher Doctor who came on a radio station to brag of his helping a few in his neigborhood….I asked him many tough true fact questions…….he spent all his time responding with insults and nasty comments…This is who we have researching all this for us….His big brag was this Powassan Virus…when I gave him the facts I knew…links to support them, I asked him why his lab has been at this for 10plus years….and has done nothing and has contrubuted nothing to help the Victims….He again got Nasty and did never answer one good question I had……….about Lyme, Co-infections…or the Powassan….. Pretty scary huh?

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