Dangers of Self-treatment With Chronic Lyme Disease

Dangers of Self-treatment With Chronic Lyme Disease

Interactions between many “alternative” treatments of Lyme disease and the multi-antibiotic approach condoned by Lyme-literate doctors can be potentially hazardous

according to a report by expert Dr. Sam Donta.  Sam Donta, a MD from Falmouth, Massachusetts (retired this year 7/2015). Dr. Donta treated approximately 8000 people over a ten year period – people who suffered with chronic Lyme disease.

Before his retirement, Dr. Donta published the following warning:

The use of various supplements has been advocated by some, but evidence of their efficacy and it would seem prudent to minimize the numbers of medications and supplements taken that might not only add difficulty to interpretation of any progress during the treatment period, but perhaps aid the survival of the spirochetes and retard resolution of the illness.

In particular, the use of multivitamins and anti-oxidants is to be avoided, as supplemental vitamin C, as previously noted, would counteract the effects of hydroxychloroquine.  As for B vitamins, these might theoretically be aiding the spirochete’s survival, as they are unable to synthesize their own B vitamins; and our observations are that patients on supplemental B vitamins do not respond as favorably to antibiotic treatment as do those not taking these supplements. Patients not taking supplemental B vitamins do not appear to have any deficiencies in these vitamins, so they are not being put at risk by the lack of supplemention. Vitamin D, however, is to be encouraged as it is frequently low in patients with persistent Lyme disease, and may be helpful in providing anti-inflammatory benefit. The use of anti-oxidants such as Co-Q-10 and Vitamin E should also be avoided, as these agents may retard the host’s ability to damage the spirochetes. Recent evidence also suggests that anti-oxidants promote antibiotic tolerance and bio-film formation.

This is alarming for people who have been reduced to sub-standard living due to the financial hardships that accompany such a debilitating disease. Many are forced to follow the winds of the internet gurus who pass on potentially bad advice with every good intention.

Another problem with self-treatment is many people do not give a protocol enough time to make a difference. It is often times hard to know how much time to wait…each month that goes by is another “lost” month. We are all impatient to get better and it is incredibly difficult to watch life go by.

The bottom line is it is critical to find a LLMD and follow their instructions.

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