Dangers of Diatomaceous Earth for Chronic Lyme Disease

Dangers of Diatomaceous Earth for Chronic Lyme Disease

The following is a guest post regarding the benefits of DE including the possibility that it can assist in the breakdown of biofilms.  Don wrote to me with the following facts which I have checked out and found to be solid research.

“The thing with DE is that it does abrade biofilms but it also clogs cell ports , in effect giving the same protection in some respects that biofilms give to the bacteria, it also gets in the way of transporting your treatments to all your tissues. “

“Another danger is that people are tempted experiment with the use Diatomaceous Earth on themselves, and this is one of the worst things you can do.

“The people selling this stuff have mounted a large campaign to tell you that amorphous food grade DE is safe because it is not crystalline  The way DE works is to scratch off the surface biofilm internally and to fill up the skins pores with tiny shards of broken glass. DE is silica, which is essentially glass.”

“Glass is amorphous , if you get a window from a 100 year old house you will find that the glass is thicker at the bottom of the pane because it flowed over the 100 years. That’s amorphous neither liquid nor solid, it doesn’t have an exact melting point.”

“But if you break that window it will still cut you. All silica weather it’s called amorphous or crystalline is sharp, that’s how it works, and those sharp edges get stuck in tissue. That is why silica migrates through the body very slowly , it cuts its way through.”

“Also your body doesn’t metabolize it. In the case of breathing it your lungs will isolate it as a foreign substance and grow tissue around it to protect you, this is called interstitial lung disease.”

“Silica also has severe immune system effects. Don’t be fooled it doesn’t matter if it is amorphous or crystalline  all DE, read silica will hurt you. Your body can’t metabolize either kind of silica and there is always some crystalline silica in food grade DE. It also cuts through your GI tract which is how it has such negative effects on the immune system.”



“DE is a toxin and should not be used.”

“Silica in the body is only safe if it is in molecular form, and then your should only absorb it through food. It shuts down the very transport that is cell function that allows your treatments to be conveyed to all your cells.”

Author’s note: This article – which was a guest blog by Don (pictured at top) has generated more comments than any other post.

Please note that DE, according to Dr. Cowden – is PERFECTLY safe as long as it is 100% FOOD GRADE. But care should still be taken when handling that it is not inhaled as the particles can damage lungs.

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95 Responses to Dangers of Diatomaceous Earth for Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. C, B Roads says:

    Thanks. DE is great for slug/snail problems. Too many “solutions” can be dangerous for those suffering from chronic Lyme. Clarifying & sharing is a huge help to the Lymies…

  2. Angie says:

    So, who is Don and what are his credentials? I’ve been using DE for over a year now and I’ve seen the benefits of taking it internally firsthand. It even helped me reverse my osteoporosis! Until I see some actual scientific evidence of the dangers of taking DE, I will not stop taking it. I’m thinking Don must work for the pharmaceutical industry or some corporation that has a vested interest in discrediting the benefits of DE.

    • Don Mau says:

      Hi Angie.
      I was in the USN for 11 years as an “Opticalman”. I went to a military school for optics, physics and glass chemistry. I then went into CAD/CAM programming, in 2016 some of my work will begin to orbit Jupiter. It’s not so much what my credentials are as what the scientific literature clearly says.
      A thorough review of these documents should draw conclusions that are irrefutable.



      I also have interstitial lung disease from silica exposure in the military. It’s from filling nitrogen gas dryers for submarine periscopes with silica desicant.


      • Chantie Holland says:

        If we are talking about lungs and eyes then I clearly agree. But must of your post was claiming it destroys other organs internal. For this I see no evidence. Please show us these studies before you tell us scary horror stories about a product that has helped so many.

        • Jenna Smith says:

          Hey there Chantie –

          I was posting a “guest post” and do not take a stand either way however, there are many alternative treatments that can be harmful if taken incorrectly and it is always good to be informed. I apologize if you feel his opinion was upsetting!


          • James says:

            I agree with Chantie, seems post was about inhaling industrial silica NOT eating food grade DE

      • Joe says:

        The last So called authority I would trust on Health issues is the CDC.

        Look what they have done about Ebola. Oh btw I heard they have the patent on the newly

        generated bio weapon version the Military created.

        Hum that is no conflict of interest huh Don?

        • Cheryl says:

          I won’t trust the CDC because they ignore Lyme and other vector borne illness. I’d be dead by their recommendations. I don’t understand one thing though regardless. When DE gets wet, doesn’t it lose effectiveness even outside as a method of ant control, for instance. If that’s the case in rain, wouldn’t that happen in the stomach too, causing it to be useless? I’m just curious.

      • Lisa says:

        Are you saying that 100% food grade DE is ok? What do you think of this one? http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php
        Thank you

        • Jenna Seaver says:

          Hi Lisa –

          Yes! Food Grade is perfectly safe and in fact, Dr. Cowden recommends staying on it after the 8 weeks for the moon cycle as parasites are affected by the full moon. I like this company you found – I especially like the jar container for keeping large quantities for any length of time and the price is very reasonable. Reading through their literature they understand the potential dangers and as long as you buy the 100% food grade for humans you will be in great shape. Remember to take a small bite of food, then the 8 oz water with DE mixed in, then finish your meal. The food activates the parasites to come out of hiding to eat.

          Be well, Jenna

    • Missy says:

      Angie, I was thinking the same exact thing, keep us sick so they make money. In just 2 days of taking DE I am walking up the stairs like a champ! Whatever it is I have, arthritis, Lyme, the DE is kicking its butt!

    • Daisy says:

      EXACTLY!! He’s way off and a flake who knows nothing about it ! His research bogas ! DE works and because doctors and the pharmaceutical industry lose money 💰 because it works !! I have been taking it for years !!

  3. mike says:

    Yes ,Who is he, No last name even so we cant check his credentials and the cdc info only makes the article more suspect

  4. mike says:

    The same cdc who denies chronic lyme exists? and who wont allow us to be insured for treatments

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Mike –

      Thanks for your comment.

      Diatomaceous Earth is controversial to say the least. This blog post was written by a reader and I thought he was well informed. I do not take it myself, but I do not judge anyone who does because some people swear by the benefits!

      The CDC is the evil enemy of those of us suffering with chronic Lyme, but we need to remember that they are all humans who are trying to do their best with the information they have and the reality of the power structure in place. I try not to throw the baby out with the bath water if you know what I mean.

      I apologize if my post upset you in any way, and wish for you the very best in health and prosperity.


  5. Betsy says:

    I love food-grade DE. I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks, but already I feel better. The ache in my right elbow which has been here all summer long, has gone away. My fingernails are much stronger; before I was always having to file them because they would chip or snag seemingly just by looking at them. I am slightly less tired than before. What got me started taking the food grade version was that my aunt said she’s been giving both her dogs something called Pro Pet Powder (available on Amazon). When I went on Amazon to buy some for my cat, hoping it would help improve her scratching etc, I noticed that there is a food-grade version for people. I started reading the reviews for that and figured for $13 after shipping it was worth a shot to get a pound of it. What did I have to lose? I have always taken vitamins because I am a picky eater (I wasn’t made to eat anything I didn’t like growing up!) and I would take these vitamins religiously even though they never felt like they helped. My nails still stayed brittle, etc. Now that I’ve taken DE, its almost like I can tell my body was missing something. Some mineral, or vitamin or something I wasn’t getting anywhere else. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with DE?

    • Chantie Holland says:

      I have hence why I would like to see the studies on all the internal damage he is claiming.

    • Ellen says:

      DE saved my life after doctors said all my skin lesions, dental problems, lethargy, anxiety and food intolerances were caused by depression. First it killed whatever was living in my mouth, made my hair, skin and nails extremely healthy and then killed three types of parasites living in my digestive tract/colon. Calcium is silica dependent and most people are short on silica. This Don guy is worthless.

  6. Bunny Sun says:

    I read through both articles quoted above and the only reference is respiratory dangers. (Baby powder is also dangerous if inhaled for prolonged periods) and not one reference was made to orally ingesting DE. Nor is there any mention of blocking cell ports or the amorphous nature of silica’s effect on the body. Everything was pulled out of context to throw a negative view on a totally different product than food grade DE. Not sure of the authors intention, but it is biased and inaccurate.

    • Scott says:

      Thank you, I have been taking it off and on for 2 years. I now have Candida, parasites and have had lime in the past. I am using food grade DE as part of my protocol and will let you all know how it works. On this go I am only on day two and it is already working on my issues with some herxing.
      Keep you posted.

      • Jenna Smith says:

        Hi Scott –
        Have you tried Smilax (Sarsaparilla) for your herxing? I used to take it only when herxing and it helped a great deal – now I take it daily as I find it also clears neurotoxins that build up and keep us from full recovery.



        • Sharon says:

          Hi Jenna, what brand of Smilax do you use and how much do you take daily?

          • Jenna Smith says:

            I use Nature’s Way, 425 mg – I take 4/day and may double that during herx. Stephen Buhner recommends 4 capsules 4/day for 8 months in his healing protocol so that is the most I take but if you have had chronic Lyme for more than 5 years 8 months doesn’t seem to take care of it (on his protocol). The Smilax has totally saved me from the Lyme fog and neurotoxins though…great for all kinds of detox.

  7. Don Mau says:

    I wrote the above article because from my previous post in the comments section you can see I have a lot of personal knowledge of this and because it has impacted my life. The thing that people who are advocates of DE, which is said to be safe because it is amorphous, need to know is that ALL “amorphous” silica has some chrystalline silica in it , even if it is 1 or 2 percent it is harmful. Silica migrates through the body over years. It also has very adverse effects on the immune system.

    All you have to do is google, “Silica migration in the body” and read the very many articles available. As well “Silica exposure and immune system” as a search term will reveal a wealth of information.

    Here is one outlining the impacts;

    “Silica and the Immune System”


    • Karin says:

      Thank you for the research. I clicked on your links and after reading the articles I’ve decided to not use the DE.
      Again thank you for your research.

    • Sharon says:

      I am one of the ones who could not tolerate DE. I felt it was more than a herx and was not right for my body. I was weak and just felt horrible on it. I was on a small amount for about a month and will not do it again. I recognize all people have different responses to DE though. Wanted to post this as one of the ones that did not have a good response from it. It was food grade.

    • Harry says:

      I tried the search you mentioned, “Silica migration in the body”, and found no results whatsoever (aside from numerous results for silicon and one result for silica that led to a broken link).

      • Jenna Seaver says:

        A guest poster submitted this, and I have had more comments on it than any other post in almost 10 years!

        To give you my opinion, the dangers of DE come from using low grade DE, or inhaling even the best (food grade) DE. If you were to digest a razor blade, no matter how small, it would be dangerous. Some silica is very sharp and larger pieces than the fine ground food grade, and indeed, should be avoided. Food grade DE should be used carefully as it can cause damage in the tender lining of our lungs if it is inhaled.

        Diatomaceous Earth is a basic part of my own protocol for fighting parasites that provide hiding places for spirochetes.

        Be well,


  8. Don Mau says:

    I went and found an MSDS sheet for DE. It shows the content of chrystaline silica at <1%. I have studied this extensively and in no way agree that amorphous silica is safe for consumption, for the people in that camp I would suggest the following. DE is dug out of the ground and there is no provision to remove the chrystaline silica from it. If you are using a table spoon a day for a while then this less than 1% number starts to accumilate in your body .In 100 days you have eaten a tablespoon of chrystaline silica, or slightly less if that is any comfort.



  9. Jack Bourke says:

    For all those looking into DE – there is a supplier in Australia that supplies DE that contains no amount of chrystaline silica. They even state on their website that chrystaline silica is dangerous and should not be fed to either humans or animals.




  10. Kelly says:

    With all due respect to Don, the only problem with silica, is if it is INHALED — as it was in his case.

    Inhaling finely divided crystalline silica dust can lead to silicosis, bronchitis, or cancer, as the dust becomes lodged in the lungs and continuously irritates them, reducing lung capacities.

    But ORALLY ingested silica — keep in mind it’s part of the earth’s crust, so it’s found in many, if not most natural foods — can be very beneficial. A study that followed subjects for 15 years found that higher levels of silica in water appeared to decrease the risk of dementia. The study found an association between an increase of 10 milligram-per-day of the intake of silica in drinking water with a decreased risk of dementia of 11%.


    In animals, a silica deficient diet has been shown to produce poorly formed connective tissue, including collagen. In fact, silica has been shown to contribute to certain enzyme activities that are necessary for normal collagen formation. Silica is essential for maintaining the health of connective tissues due to its interaction with the formation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are structural building blocks of these types of tissue.

    More information at Chris Kresser’s site:


  11. Toni says:

    Thank you for sharing this important information. I think that each individual is going to have to make the decision weather or not to take DE for themselves.

    I am currently suffering from Morgellons and this article was recently posted on a Morgellons FB page. Up until 2 weeks ago I had been taking DE every single day for 6 months. I wasn’t really sure if was benefiting me so after reading the article I stopped taking it. Within two days the crawling sensation and vibrating I had been experiencing returned dramatically. Now I have my answer…it was definetly helping.

    So with a lot of soul searching I have decided to start taking it again, but I certainly appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Thanks for your input Toni, and thank you for taking the information in the manner it was intended…some seem to benefit and love it while others do not. We must each follow own judgement with the help of medical professionals.


  12. A Jack says:

    The CDC, which you referenced, does not reccomend the internal use of DE for humans because it cannot make such a recommendation. There is a big however though because DE is used in animal feed and is approved for that use by the government. It’s primary function is to rid the feed of bugs and to kill the intestinal parasites of livestock.

    DE is also approved for food storage such as corn and grain which humans consume.

    I’m not saying anyone should take it directly because I’m not a doctor but whether you know it or not virtually all of us are eating it in some way.

    Inhaling DE is the real problem as is inhaling any dust. When I use it on my cats for flea control, because nothing works better, I protect my nose and mouth. I also fan out the air to disperse it and get it to the ground. Its extremely fine and light weight, like powdered sugar so it stucks in the air longer. After I fan I leave the room for a while. A better tip is to do all your DE business in a room you don’t need to be in and where the DE can stay dry.

    Anyone who takes it needs to make sure they are getting the right kind and tge best quality. After all, we are all responsible for what we put in our bodies and what tge outcome of those choices may be.

    I want to also add, that food grade DE is ground up fossilized sea shells and not actual glass. Glass containes silica because it is made from sand. The crystaline is essentially glass and that is why you find a high quality DE.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi there –

      Thanks so much for your input!

      DE is very controversial – some swear by the benefits others swear it is dangerous…I am just presenting the info.


    • Mcat says:

      That was a great response! People are so good at saying “THIS way is right!”; “No, you’re wrong, THIS way is right!”!!! Lol!
      I liked how you brought up exactly WHAT DE is made from, what GLASS is made from…& the differences?! 😛 Sheesh!! I appreciate that “Don” has been thru a LOT…& because of “silica”….BUT….it’s also good to be able to NOT generalize! 🙂 At least “I” think so!! But you were NICE about it while still getting your point across…& that was great! Not that common nowadays! Have a great day!!!

  13. Glen Burke says:

    Jenna, thank you for all you have done for “Limees”. I have a precious daughter that has displayed the symptoms for a few years now and we have tried many natural remedies that treated one symptom or another with little total effect. Our research into DE led us to your blog – you are blessing many, thank you.

    G-day Jack, I’m certain you’re a distant cousin due to my family history and the few who were given free transport to the beautiful land of Oz in its early years of “colonization”. Thank you for the link to the company in AU – I’ll have to find a source here in the USA, or some one who imports the Super Fine Food Grade.

    Cheers Mate


  14. You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve read through a single thing like that before.
    So nice to find somebody with a few unique thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that’s needed
    on the internet, someone with some originality!

  15. crosswind says:

    My local Herbalist (also an RN) said it’s also a good reason to take CLAY powder & Charcoal with DE to bind to the toxins, so you don’t re-absorb them…

  16. Audrey says:

    I have been taking food grade DE for several month now and it has completely gotten rid of my Lyme induced joint pain. It is a great relief to be pain free. I also have more energy, my skin looks better and I’m sleeping better. I was nervous to take it at first so I gave it to my horses and dog for a couple of months first and tried it after seeing that did great on it. I highly recommend it. DON’T be afraid to try it. I did herx a little bit at first so build up slowly.

  17. James says:

    DE has some properties that may have some positive effects on our health. There is no shortage of testimonies reporting many issues cured with this product, including yours truly. The issue I have with DE is how much and how long we should be consuming this. If DE is removing the bad things in our systems, whats to prevent it from removing some good things like nutrients and minerals? I also believe that it gives most a false sense of security to change certain bad dietary habits and lifestyle changes for good health. I would add that I do not believe it cleanses our colon per se as the process is one that is more of a sledgehammer effect and most likely moving to quickly to remove the toxins/foreign matter in our colons that an enema or fast would remove. I still take DE, but not consistently, more short term 1-2 weeks, then stop for one month. I would like to see more from independent studies on DE, not from the FDA/CDC or DE sites for a true evaluation.

  18. Rachael says:

    “If you are using a table spoon a day for a while then this less than 1% number starts to accumilate in your body .In 100 days you have eaten a tablespoon of chrystaline silica, or slightly less if that is any comfort.”

    Most health gurus suggest taking food grade DE for only 7-14 days to eliminate parasites, not 100 days.

    Even if you did manage to accumulate say aprox. 1/8th of a teaspoon over the course of time, it’s not like it’s going to accumulated into only one area of the body and stay there. As you said, glass is amorphous, meaning that it will migrate through the body, so eventually it should migrate out of the body at some point, right?

    Perhaps the body would build mucus up around it and push it out of the digestive or urinary tract. If it’s microscopic enough to kill microorganisms, and the body can find ways of getting rid of those dead microorganisms, then the body can find ways of getting rid of stay microscopic shards of glass.

    If the glass does happen to migrate to one point in the body, say to the souls of the feet, dead skin will slough off with the crystalline silica entrapped inside it. The idea that glass will accumulate in the liver or kidneys and just stay there just does not make sense to me.

  19. carrie lambert says:

    I WOULD SAY Defintly paid by the CDC! DE is healing thousands of people. Read testimonies from sick, dying people…It works!

  20. Michelle says:

    I’m really happy to find this page, & particularly pleased to find all views published, for and against. Hoping to beat my lyme, as a desparate last resort, I’ve been taking 1.5 tsp dme for 3 weeks now. It has intensified many of my symptoms to an almost unbearable level. I know I could be going through a healing crisis. Anyway after finding this page I will be looking at all the data provided above. Thankyou Tony for the link above for australian dme

  21. Anne says:

    As a chronic Lyme sufferer, I’m always glad to hear about something that might work, but I am also aware of how desperately I want to believe there will be something out there that can and will provide a cure. I’ve been up against the naysayers for so long that I sometimes find myself doubting even myself. When I first heard about DE I embraced it like a precious panacea, but I have learned that, like everything else that can be used to treat Lyme, there is no precious panacea and balance is the ultimate goal. Dehydration is very important to guard against with DE, and realistically, it is only one more tool in an arsenal of tools that must be wielded wisely if you are going to realize any success in battling chronic Lyme.

  22. Chanta says:

    This is all misinformation. I have been on it for two years and doc said I now have the body of a 35 yr old and I am 61! I take 4 heaping tablespoons in the am and again at night before bed. My doctor is even on it, and several ER docs I now. I had a team of doctors in Utah study it with regards to the human body. They now nicknamed it God’s miracle powder. When we are born we have just the right amount of Silica in our body. If we do not replenish that every day, our body starts to age, get illnesses and diseases, cancer, etc. By taking the DE (Food Grade) we replenish that on a daily basis. So disregard all the misinformation this person has wrote on this website! He is totally wrong. I am a retired nurse.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      It is only dangerous if you don’t take food grade – and even then it should be used with care when scooping it that the powder not be breathed in as it can damage the lungs. However, I agree with you, and there are other articles about the benefits of food grade DE – especially for the Parasite protocol which is vital to getting rid of chronic Lyme disease.

      Thanks for writing!


    • Marina Kolodizner says:

      Dear Chanta,

      I am a woman of your age and I started taking DE about two weeks ago because my hairline looked like it was receding. On day one, I took one table spoon in the morning and another in the evening before bed. I woke up very exhausted after a good night sleep. I skipped that day. Then I recalled that I had read somewhere that DE is to be taken only once per 24 hours, and I stopped taking it twice. So I have been taking it every morning for a couple of weeks.

      When I consulted my family doctor re my reaction to DE she tried to persuade me stop taking it at all. She is not familiar with any serious research in this field. That is why I was so glad to see your posting.

      Could you please share with us the name of medical organization in Utah that has conducted the study you have referred to?

      Thank you very much.


      • Jenna Seaver says:

        Chanta posted as a reader and has not responded to other queries…I use food grade DE every day M-F, (weekends off) and through entire full moon (parasites proliferate at accelerated speeds during full moon). Nematode worms were the clue that lead Dr. Burgdorfer to discover the spirochete bacteria decades ago, and it makes sense that they (the spirochetes) hitch rides with the in parasites, and indeed, Dr. Burgdorfer found the spirochete in the worm first. If you have chronic Lyme you likely have parasites which become safe subways through the intestines. That is why people will not get better until they deal with parasites as well as biofilms and the actual bacteria.

        Does that make sense?


    • Audy says:

      What is the best kind to get?

  23. Patty says:

    I have been using foid grade DE fir many years for people, animals and gardening. I love it! The only thing I have found that hascbeenba problem is that whwn it is in the air it inevitably gets into my long hair. It dries it out severely and takes a while to fix. Doesn’t do that to animal fur. I am about to apply it to at 3 acres of my land( grass) I am hopibg to keep fkeas, ticks, chiggers, mites, etc awayvfrom me and my pets. Trees just removed so I plan tobdo a fewvtreatments before moving in in several weeks. Has anyone had any experience in doingva larger yard to control parasites? Especially ticks? I certinly want to be cautious with bees and such.

  24. Christine says:

    I have been takeing two table spoons a day of food grade de for about six months. I am hopeing it will help with my osteo poirouses . Has any one had good results for this?

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Dr. Cowden suggests taking it after one mouthful of food and then continuing your meal M-F with week-ends free and on a full moon to kill parasites where Lyme spirochetes hide. I plan to follow this protocol even after full recovery.

  25. Debbie says:

    DE food grade has been fed to animals, cattle, sheep, horses, I feed it to my horse and take it myself. It has been fed in large quantities, and caused no harm to the animals. If it was going to cut up their insides I’d have noticed already, my horse is very healthy and does 50 and 75 mile one day endurance rides. So I find that hard to believe. I have good hard bones, as I’ve been bucked off a few times and I count that as my bone density test, when nothing breaks. I will continue to use DE.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Debbie – As long as it is food grade, and care should be taken that you and your horses do not breathe in the dust from the DE which can pierce the lining of the lungs as they are very fragile. This post was submitted by a reader.


  26. Alexis says:

    Whoever wrote this article is not edcutated on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. FG DE contains non-crystalline silica from fossilized phytoplankton that is from fresh bodies of water. The silica you’re referring to is crystalline and is VERY bad for any human or any animal. DG DE is so great for you, and there’s so many benefits that people who need it should use – people like you who are posting articles like this when either you or your resources are incorrect and uneducated on the actual facts, are creating the wrong buzz. There’s a lot of people who are sick out there with little to no health insurance, that could really really benefit from this; you’re preventing them from getting help basically. Read up on the right stuff before your post your optimistic opinions and spin them off as facts.

  27. Terry says:

    I have spent hundreds of dollars at the heath food store on enzymes , probiotics ,fibre and many other natural pills ,potions to cure what I believe to be gluten intolerance ..My blood tests proved negative as I have refrained from ingesting gluten for the last seven years.. Once again I found myself at this store standing with my wallet open ,hopeful to find “the cure “to alleviate the abdominal discomfort ,bloating and gas pains that I have considered to be a norm in my live.
    I was introduced to D.E. by a new staff working at this store who had her own a testimony to the product and all its health benefits.I was sold ..I have spent hours of research on D.E. and now have been taking it for two weeks..I can confidently state that my health has never been better. I have little abdominal pain ,having regular bowel movements ,sleeping better and balancing bacteria has greatly improved my mood. Thanks Terry

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Terry –

      Congrats on your improved health! The danger only lies in NON-FOOD GRADE DE.

      As long as you take FOOD GRADE DE and take care to NEVER INHALE as even food grade DE can damage tender lung lining.

      I use it too and love the bowel health. Another key is B-150 complex. A real feel-good vitamin for steady energy and mood elevation without any dependency. The body sucks it up!

      Be well,


  28. Michael says:

    Jenna, you now say that you’re taking Diatomaceous Earth, but your prelude to Don’s quotes appears to show that you support his research. It sounds like you’ve changed your opinion. Don’s conclusions are ridiculous since DE is an organic form of silica and is nothing like glass which is inorganic. DE has been mixed in with grains, such as flour, to keep bugs from contaminating the products, so I would say that proves the government considers DE to be safe for consumption.

    My personal experience with DE has been very good. I’m generally healthy but I’ve always had blood pressure around 135/80 which is considered pre-hypertension. Since taking DE, my blood pressure is consistently around 110/70 for the first time in my life even on days when I don’t take the DE. I used to blend whole organic beets with fruit such as strawberries and/or grapes to lower my blood pressure but the affect was always temporary.

    I don’t notice any other benefits, probably because I eat very healthy and exercise regularly. The only precautions I’m aware of is you don’t want to inhale the DE into your lungs and you don’t want to get any DE into your eyes. Caution should be taken because DE is a fine powder and it could easily get into your lungs or eyes. The other precaution I recommend is not to take too much. When I experimented with taking a tablespoon twice a day for a period of time, I felt like my kidneys were being over burdened. Now I just take a teaspoon twice a day and I skip taking it a couple days each week. It’s possible that my kidneys were feeling the affect of all the toxins being eliminated through them thanks to the DE so I may try increasing the dosage sometime again in the future.

  29. Larry says:

    The opinion piece was well presented, but failed to communicate that it was really about the dangers of ingesting INDUSTRIAL grade DE, the type most often used in swimming pool filters. The best evidence of this is the added editorial comment regarding what Dr. Cowden says about the safety of FOOD GRADE DE, it’s safe for internal use he says (as do many other credentialed experts). This is why it’s called “food grade”.

    Please note that the referenced papers are about INDUSTRIAL grade DE, not food grade.

    By the way, both types can be used as barriers against insect infestations around homes and in gardens. It’s especially effective against scorpions and spiders, but again there is danger from potential inhalation of the dust, and for that reason I would not want children playing near it, and I would never use it for head lice as some people do.

    …observations from just another Lymie, and chair of a support group out West.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Thanks Larry – this blog post has the most comments of any other article – very surprising to me but also instructive.

      It seems we are (all of us) desperate for solutions, am I right?

      Best wishes!


  30. Luca says:

    whoah this blog is magnificent i really like reading your posts.
    Keep up the good work! You know, many persons are hunting around for this information, you can help them

  31. Admiring the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you offer.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same
    out of date rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to
    my Google account.

  32. JT says:

    Going to try DE soon for lyme, cant wait to give it a try.

    Oh, and glass does not “melt over 100 years” that is a wives tale. Antique glass is thicker around the edges naturally.

  33. Lucy Clements says:

    I think you need to read your sources again without prejudice. Your lung problems are from a different form of DE. The stuff we eat is amorphous. It doesn’t cut you like other forms. It dehydrates. It is a basic need of your body. It is totally non-toxic and is beneficial as so many here attest to the health improvements. The only danger is if you had compromised lungs and stuck you face in it. It’s less dangerous to breathe than baby powder since it has zero additives. I’ve been taking it for 6 months and may IBS and plantar fasciitis has been gone for 5 months now. You may know about glass but not this stuff. So silence yourself .This stuff is helping people.

  34. Menator says:

    Hi, what is and where is the parasite protocol with DE that you mention Jenna? Thanks,

  35. Art says:

    I take DE to lower my LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It works for me. I started DE for that purpose based on an abstract of a study I once read. The study was done in 1998. Given the history and known safety issues and side effects of the statin drugs, it wasn’t a hard choice for me to make. Here is a link to the abstract of the study:


    Given the very good results of the study as well as the relatively low dosage used (750 mg / day), it is hard to believe there were no follow up studies to determine optimal dosing, but then again, DE is not patentable and is dirt cheap compared to any prescription med. Translation……..there is no big money to be made on it. Studies on food grade DE are far and few between and so it remains in relative obscurity.

    For myself, the results seem to last longer than a month if I stop taking DE so I never worry about missing doses. I currently take a heaping teaspoon on the days I remember to.


  36. Kim says:

    I have heard that DE should not be used extensively in the yard. It kills off worms in the soil which are very important!

  37. Anna says:

    I took DE for 2 years and at some point I started to have reverse effects (at the beginning it was doing me very good, then my digestion got worse and worse. I developed leaky gut). I think it kills good and bad bacteria along with parasites, candida etc.

    From all I read lately it should be taken 1,5 month (45 days) at the beginning, to kill all parasites and their eggs. Most are killed after a couple days, but there seems to be one type that could take up to 45 days. Sorry forgot its name.
    And then just occasionaly as a maintainence dose (every 3 weeks a couple days). Again this has to do with getting reinfected + reproduction rates of certain parasites.

    + take soil based probiotics to maintain a large diversity of good bacteria in your intestines without running the risk to have an overgrowth in your small intestines (this could happen when using “regular” probiotics).

    So yes, I believe it is very useful, just don’t overuse it)


  38. Jeseriah says:

    “Don” is smelling a bit shilly… Military researcher? Don, do you acknowledge that the military-industrial-complex (for lack of better term) has been polluting the air, sky, and water of NATO countries with hazardous nanoparticles of heavy metals and disposing of hydrofluosilicic acid waste in much of the world’s public water supply? If you acknowledge the aforementioned biochemical warfare on human lifeforms you get benefit-of-the-doubt. Otherwise, I feel it worth sharing to other researchers that my shill-o-meter went off and we all can make of it what we may.

    I’ve been on Food Grade DE for four days and am shitting candida biofilm and odd carcasses left and right. NWO shills are about as useful as tapeworms at improving one’s quality of life.

  39. Gennie says:

    Could it be possible that food grade DE may actually help Don to remove the very nasty effects that the ‘amorphous silica’ has had on his body? I understand it would be a very scary test but I seriously think you may be amazed at the positive results it could give you. Toxins are no joke and their effects are not only physical but mental and neuronal. Hope you have the strength Don to find a way to heal yourself.

  40. Phil says:

    I can attest to DE being useful internally. Reason why it’s sold for that sue if it’s good quality food grade DE. Personally consume good amounts of water with it and silica is found in bones. Beating lyme right now with a high carvacrol oregano oil, staying hydrated, taking a few herbs like eleuthero root, ashwagandha, kratom, mucuna pruriens, green tea extract, ALCAR, and quercetin powder. If you herx during lyme treatment, that’s your body fighting off the toxins released from the dying spirochetes. So common sense says load up on things that are anti-inflammatory. The Zane Hellas oregano oil is top notch. Just 4-8 drops a day in a capsule with olive oil. Garlic is good. Onions are as well. Mother nature can keep this at bay. And try lyme nosode if you have chronic lyme. Cut out soda, candy, and smoking cigarettes. Cannabis is very helpful for lyme. Be well y’all! I hope you can be.

  41. Estara says:

    I have experimented with DTE and I’m not sure of if it’s doing great things.. it moves things through my intestines .. but over the past 2 years I’ve put on weight . And I think I first started testing it out then.. it totally hasnt been constant. But if it has done any harm what’s the method of repair ??

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      I think the weight gain is from being less active…when you’re chronically ill you don’t burn off the calories, right? DE doesn’t affect weight gain unless it kills worms that were making you unnaturally thin… you should be absorbing nutrients better:)

    • B says:

      I gained weight while taking DE too, and I have not gained weight like that since I was pregnant. My weight is usually stable or decreasing. I felt good taking it, until I started having herx symptoms, that felt like a sick feeling in my chest, and svere body aches, but would come on for 2 days and then go away, over and over again, then stop and come back a week later etc. Then, sudden blurred vision, racing heart, and high blood pressure. Now I have acid reflux.
      This all started while I was taking DE, very suddenly. I am a late 30s female, and have no known medical issues that would suddenly cause those problems.
      This is just my unqualified guess, but it seems to me that maybe the good feeling is because the DE does soak up toxins, maybe it does kill or injure parasites, however the bad reactions are probably due to the fact that it is too abrasive for the GI tract, and probably removes good things from your gut as well as the bad. That seems pretty logical to me.

  42. Carl Kraus says:

    Very informative Blog,pretty much in remission from Lyme of 20 years of much 5000 PPM Colloidal silver ,just started taking DE again, think i am herxing from it though.maybe too much 1 Heaping TSP in AM,with 12 oz. of H20? What do you think

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