Danger of Lyme Vaccines

Danger of Lyme Vaccines

Understanding the danger of Lyme vaccines require a basic understanding of how a vaccine works.

Most people know vaccinations in general are controversial, and due to the early success of polio, tuberculosis and other fatal diseases Рespecially   in children.

The reason for this is that a vaccine actually works by giving people a small piece of the bacteria or the virus that you are interested in preventing and then the body mounts a big immune response. This produces “antibodies” which remain in the body and automatically (in a healthy person) attacks the disease for which it is designed.

You can see how this is won’t work for a disease designed to evade the immune system – which Borrelia has been designed to do.

This problem for medical researchers trying to create a Lyme vaccine has created seemingly insurrmountable obstacles until recently. We hope.

The MassBiologics antibody is far more precise. It would introduce a dose of a single antibody that would specifically target Lyme-causing bacteria.

MassBiologics¬† is the University of Massachusetts’ nonprofit vaccine development arm

With the monoclonal antibody strategy, you are immune immediately,” Dr. Mark Klempner, spokesperson for MassBiologics said. “As soon as you take the shot, you have the highest level of immunity.

The disadvantage: People at risk of Lyme disease would need to get a fresh shot every year, much like people must get a new flu vaccine every year.

See: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/lyme-disease-treatment-would-prevent-infection-researchers-say-n441946


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