CVID and Chronic Lyme Disease

CVID and Chronic Lyme Disease

What is CVID?

Entering my eighth year of complete disability due to chronic Lyme disease, I have skimmed over the term CVID never realizing that it was part of my diagnosis!

For those of you who have CVID in addition to your Lyme and/or co-infections, and who have been turned down by Social Security Disability using Lyme disease as your primary illness, CVID may be the key to gaining financial help with the government.

CVID, Common Variable Immunodificiency, is defined as follows by Wikipedia:

“CVID is shown to be a genetically determined primary immune defect; however, the underlying causes are different. The result of these defects is that the patient doesn’t produce sufficient antibodies in response to exposure to pathogens. As a result, the patient’s immune system fails to protect them against common bacterial and viral (and occasionally parasitic and protozoan) infections. The net result is that the patient is susceptible to illness.

In CVID, the B cells are affected. In severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a more severe condition than CVID, diagnosed in infancy, both parts of the immune system (the cellular and humoral system) are affected, hence its classification as a combined immunodeficiency.

CVID appears to include a number of defects, some of which have been identified. For the majority, the genetic causes are still unknown.

It is possible that environmental agents or a virus provoke the immune defect, due to genetic predisposition, but this has not been clarified.”

Have you had a CD57 blood test?  Was it below 60?  Than you have CVID too!  Although in our case, it is most likely NOT genetic but due to chronic Lyme disease which has caused our immune system to weaken over time.

This is why many LLMDs recommend IVIG infusions, which I had for many months and began to feel somewhat better, however, as soon as the fresh source of immunoglobulins were stopped my system dropped back to previously low levels (over time).

In my experience, I would recommend that if you choose to have the IVIG treatment, that you combine it with other natural immune system builders and viral protection (such as Propax NT), attack the underlying infections and biofilms with Samento and Banderol (as per Dr. Evi Sapi’s research – see or ) and Smilax to remove the neurotoxins safely from your body.

If you are on antibiotics, make sure you are taking a strong probiotic like Mercola’s capsules or Living Streams, greens and a biofilm buster like Lumbrokinase or Serrapeptase.

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4 Responses to CVID and Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Tom Brodie says:

    Jenna, Jenna, Jenna … while I’ve read your site from time to time (can’t research too much or it becomes overwhelming), I recall reading about one of your IgIV posts almost a year ago, and thought, “Oh, I hope I don’t need to go there.” It seemed so vampiric to be getting the spin down from all those blood donations, but it now appears my doc would like to try a few of these. I’m sorry to hear these didn’t give you lasting results.

    Maybe we can all charter a jet and go to India. The stem cell treatments look promising.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Oh Tom, I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but Dr. Katz insists that many recover using IVIG infusions and perhaps YOU will be one of them. Remember, we are all so different inside (and outside) so until the medical community can give us better answers we are the pioneers…

      I will pass on the trip to India – especially after reading Amy Scher’s book and emailing a few others who have tried it…don’t bother to read Amy’s book, it is a copy of all her posts during her trip and can be read on her blog(or could before the book.) She is still sick although she insists it has nothing to do with Lyme. I am sceptical that her symptoms are not Lyme related regardless of her claims and the cost is so ridiculous!!

      As I am recovering on my current treatment, I only wish I could confidently shout to the world that my protocol will help everyone with chronic Lyme but I have crashed before when I thought I was getting better so perhaps we must learn to live in the moment…I’m still working on that!

      Chartering a jet sounds good though…Molokai? It eventually worked for leprosy! LOL!

  2. Laura says:

    I have been DX with CVID and much more. I’ve been sick for over 30 years. I believe I have neuroborrielis or neurological lymes disease. I don’t come up positive for lymes and I think it’s because I’m low on Igg,Igm, and I gave. These are the antibodies they are looking for to dx the lymes disease. In 1985 I had numerous tics in my head and soon after that I got very sick and the dx with a stroke as I was paralyzed on one side but it would come and go especially my face drooping. Since 1985 I have been sick and to this day no one can tell me what’s really wrong. I’ve been DX with lupus, MS, blood clotting problems, white matter disease in my brain and I have chronic pain in my ribs cage especially but also the whole left side of my body. Recently I was dx with hemiplegic migraine. I’m on meds for each symptom but the doctors don’t talk to each other so no one really knows the cause of any of this. Could it be lymes? And if so how do you find a specialist that takes insurance? I’m on discibility so I can’t afford to pay. Right now I’m thinking of going off all these meds and seeing what would happen.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Laura – If you have neuro-Lyme you should not go off abx (if you do expect to feel worse) – it takes a very long time to recover but you will if you are on the correct combination of antibiotics. I know so many people who get frustrated and go off medication but they never improve. It is so difficult to be disabled and I understand the financial stress too but to heal you have to be able to destroy the infection – perhaps parasites are adding to your problem – Dr. Cowden recommends taking Food grade DE every day (1 Tablespoon mixed in water) along with treatment protocol – Where do you live? Maybe I can recommend a LLMD…there are some that take Medicare.
      Hang in there!

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