Colostrum for Chronic Lyme Disease

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum (for our purposes) is the pre-milk fluid produced by bovine mothers for the first few days after giving birth. (It is NOT milk, so those with milk allergies need not worry). Premier Research Colostrum comes from the best source of organically fed cows that have never been ill, not commercially fed cows which may cause adverse symptoms.

Superior whole colostrum concentrate; pesticide-free, 21% IgG (natural immunoglobulins), not defatted; superior gastrointestinal & immune support; good-tasting Super Food for the whole family*

Colostrum Benefits

  • Immune booster – Colostrum naturally contains a broad range of amazing immune boosters: immunoglobulins, hormones, enzymes, growth factors, peptides and nucleotides. Further, colostrum is the richest source of non-synthetic, all natural MSM – a sulfur compound which helps fight infection.
  • Top infection fighter – Recent studies show that colostrum has the power to severely inhibit or destroy the growth of many dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites including E. coli, Helicobactor pylori, Listeria, rotaviruses, Streptococcus (many different varieties), Staphylococcus (many different strains), Salmonella, Shigella, Bacteroides, Berrelia, Clostridium, HIV and Candida albicans.
  • Recovery after surgery or other injury extremely powerful healing support for the whole body.
  • Rich in lactoferrin – supporting oxygen transport into the blood.

The Infection Terminator

Recent studies show that colostrum has the power to severely inhibit or destroy the growth of many dangerous bacteria, viruses, and funguses, including E. coli, Helicobactor pylori, Listeria, rotaviruses, Streptococcus (many different varieties), Staphylococcus (many different strains), Salmonella, Shigella, Bacteroides, Borrelia, Clostridium, HIV and Candida albicans.

The Best Colostrum

  • 100% whole Colostrum
  • Not defatted which compromises its intracellular transport
  • From organically fed, happy cows not from commercial cows treated with drugs and synthetic hormones
  • Low temperature, air-dried
  • Not freeze-dried or highly heated
  • Broad spectrum immune system support
  • Contains human-active immunoglobulins with a whopping 21% minimum immunoglobulins (IgG and IgA)
  • Richest source of natural MSM
  • A sulfur compound which helps promote a strong and healthy immune system
  • Rich in Lactoferrin (6 mg/gram)
  • A natural compound which helps to pro mote healthy oxygen transport in the blood
  • From organically fed, happy cows that have never been ill
  • Free of synthetic hormones and toxic chemicals
  • No hormones, antibiotic residues or other drugs

Real-Life Colostrum Stories

Sore Throat And Flu Cleared Jamie, a two-year old child, had a sore throat and flu for 3 days. Jamie’s mother was reluctant to give her antibiotics. So she decided to give Jamie 2 capsules of the natural infection fighter, organic colostrum. Her mother opened the capsules and mixed the pleasant tasting colostrum into Jamie’s food. Jamie immediately began to feel better. An hour later, her mother gave her 2 more capsules. By the next morning, Jamie’s sore throat and flu symptoms were completely gone. Children typically respond very quickly to organic colostrum.

Pain Vanished – A 56-year-old man, Ron, began experiencing pain for no apparent reason in his left side near his kidney. After two months, the pain became constant and began to worsen. Even after numerous medical tests, Ron’s medical doctor was at a loss to explain the cause of the pain. Then Ron remembered his nutritionist had once said that if a symptom persists for no known reason, think “infection.” So Ron got out his bottle of organic colostrum and took 2 capsules 3 times per day. In 3 days, the pain was gone.

Flu Knock-Out – A 45-year-old man, Stan, always got one or two bouts of flu every winter. At the start of one very bad bout of flu with headache, stuffy nose and sneezing loudly, Stan decided to go get some antibiotics, when his wife intervened, offering him organic colostrum instead. Shortly after taking 2 capsules, Stan felt somewhat better. An hour later, he took 2 more and continued to improve. By the end of the day, he had taken 20 capsules of organic colostrum. The next morning, Stan was amazed to find that he felt perfectly fine. He said this was the first time one of his bouts of flu was knocked out after only one day. (Keep an extra bottle of organic colostrum on hand – for unforeseen circumstances.)

Raging Fevers Gone – A man in his 60’s, Frank, came by our office to thank us for the miraculous effects of organic colostrum which he had experienced. Lasting more than a year, he had kept getting high fevers and chronic night sweats. He had taken at least 6 courses of antibiotics which had not put a dent in his raging fevers. In fact, they had made his liver worse. After two months of taking 2 organic colostrum capsules per meal, his fevers and night sweats dramatically cleared. Now he has had no symptoms for over 6 months. Both he and his wife were very grateful.

Allergies Relieved – Ed, a 71-year-old man, suffered with gradual onset of adult allergies which had escalated to allergic reactions to literally every food he ate. He would sneeze, cough and feel sick after every meal, regardless of what type of food he ate. He then gingerly tried one organic colostrum. Surprised that he felt so much better, he then tried 2 capsules after the next meal. Finally, when he got up to 5 capsules per meal, he could eat again with no allergic reactions. His headaches, sneezing and allergic symptoms all cleared. He used 5 capsules per meal for about one month. Now he has found that he can use one capsule per meal and remain symptom-free.

Chronic Lyme Disease

About 10% of Lyme Arthritis victims do not get well by conventional medical treatments, and Congressman Bedell was one of those. Bedell, testifying before Congress, said, “I left Congress because I came down with Lyme Disease which I contracted while fishing at Quantico Marine Base, and which conventional treatment failed to relieve. After three series of heavy antibiotics infused into my veins over a period of two years, I finally turned to unconventional treatment. My symptoms disappeared and today I am clearly free of Lyme Disease.

Let me tell you about that treatment. There is a company in our own state of Iowa, Mr. Chairman, that produces a product for livestock by injecting killed germs into the udder of a cow prior to the time the cow has a calf. When the cow has the calf they then take the first milk that the cow gives, which is called colostrum, and process it into whey so that it will keep.

The theory is that the cow will communicate the disease to the unborn calf, and will develop the antibodies, or whatever, in the colostrum to protect the newly-born calf from that disease.

After I took a teaspoon of this whey every 1-1/2 hours for a few weeks, my symptoms of Lyme [Arthritis Disease] disappeared, and I no longer suffer from that disease. Because of the publicity of my case, I get frequent phone calls from desperate people who have been unable to get relief from Lyme [Arthritis Disease] with conventional treatment. It breaks my heart that I cannot tell them about my treatment, because no one has been willing to spend the millions and millions of dollars necessary to get FDA approval to market this special whey. I can tell you it cured what appeared to be arthritis in my knee in 15 minutes.

I have talked to a doctor in Wisconsin who was using this material. He claims 80-90% success in treating patients like me for whom conventional treatments have not been effective. He has now been advised by the Iowa producer that the material will no longer be available because the producer is afraid of the FDA.”

It could have been added that the US Department of Agriculture can also act as a strong deterrent, preventing crossing the line from animals to humans.

We hope and pray for a much more mature Department of Agriculture and FDA who will grant permission to renew studies on the use of this already well-developed technology. These products especially prepared for maintaining the health of farm mammals should be easily available for us, too. After all, weaEAA™re also mammals, and deserve equal consideration.

Most experts agree that the highest quality colostrum is produced by Premier Research (formerly Quantum Research).

A dietary supplement called Biomune OSF Plus™ (under the Quantum label) contains an extract from colostrum and whey acquired from immunologically stimulated cows. This extract (100 mg) is combined in capsule form with a Chinese herb, Astragalus membranaceus (200 mg), in a base of rice powder. The product was developed by Quantum Research, Inc. a biotech research company that develops nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, of Scottsdale, Arizona. The synergistic action of the extract with the Chinese herb helps to stimulate natural killer cell (NK) activity. Stanley Olsztyn, M.D., Jesse Stoff, M.D. and other health professionals have had very good results with this product. In a population of 107 participants (59 females, 48 males, average age 53 years ranging from 17 thru 83) initial killer cell activity was 18 Lytic Units (a measure of killer cell activity) and the final killer cell activity was 246 Lytic Units, an average of 28.556 Lytic units increase per month, or an average of improvement as measured by killer cell activity of 1,267% per month.

By comparison, the average NK cell activity in the U.S. population is 20-50, whereas in a healthy population it is 150-225.

Accompanying this dramatic increase in Natural Killer T cell activity were vast improvements in the population of 107 consisting of 50% cancer patients, 30% chronic fatigue syndrome, and the remaining 20% a mixed bag of lupus, allergies, fibromyalgia, blood disorders, hepatitis C, colitis, chronic infections, recurrent infections, autoimmune diseases, and cervical dysplasia/metaplasia.

Average time of treatment was 13.2 months taking from 2 to 8 capsules daily.

It should not be necessary to point out that these are remarkable improvements or remissions of many so-called incurable diseases.

Premier Research produces Pure Colostrum available here at a reasonable price.

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