Chronic Lyme Disease Validated by Founding Member of IDSA

It is always a great pleasure to pass on hope. Those of us suffering for years begin to forget the look and feel of hope and are easily lost in the fog of despair that accompanies the pain – both physical and emotional, and the fatigue that confounds our bodies certainly must affect the energy required to hold on to hope with the tragic debate over the very existence of our disease.

If we had cancer we would be surrounded by love and support, but mention Lyme disease and watch your friends fade away with silent and/or verbal questions of our sanity. How could anyone imagine we want to live like this?

So, the good news – voices within IDSA are coming out of the closet. A founding member no less, Dr. Burton Waisbren (of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; has bravely written a book on the evidence of chronic Lyme disease which includes 51 – yes, that is fifty-one, consecutive case reports between 2007 and 2011. Granted, the book is only available in ebook form – I downloaded it in less than one minute on my Kindle for less than $4!

Dr. Waisbren began serious inquiry into chronic Lyme in the late eighties, and is a rare breed of doctor for the Lyme weary patient – he is open minded. He believes in what he calls “investigative internal medicine” and has practiced and taught that concept for more than fifty-five years. He also advocates that “the absence of proof does not equal the proof of absence”. This is music to the ears of hundreds, if not thousands of people who have spent fortunes trying to find out what is wrong with them after every possible test reveals no evidence of anything wrong.

No, we aren’t going crazy, well…unless the Lyme takes over our brain!

ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) has presented a very informative critique by Dr. Steven Phillips on IDSA’s guidelines for any who are interested in understanding the ridiculous nature of the medical debate about chronic Lyme. Download the pdf. document at

To conclude, Dr. Waisbren states emphatically in his book that he believes there is an epidemic of chronic Lyme in our country – based on his experience – which is vast. Visit the doctors website to read a number of excellent essays regarding treatment and diagnosis as well as the medical debate at

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2 Responses to Chronic Lyme Disease Validated by Founding Member of IDSA

  1. Cobalt Cactus says:

    Hey Jenna,

    RE:: Chronic Lyme Disease Validated by Founding Member of IDSA, Burton Waisbren, M.D. posted 2012.

    Was extremely surprised to come across this post on your Blog. Burton Waisbren M.D. has been my primary care physician since 1969 when I had Coccidiomyciosis. He was quite a remarkable man;; a true ”one of a kind” and very caring doctor.

    In 1998 Dr Waisbren began treating me for Lyme Disease; Currently I am in Chronic Stage-Three Lyme with no hope for shaking out of it; Dr Waisbren’s expertise has been an experience that is indescribable. Some of my office visits turned over an hour; he was that thorough. As you mentioned, he was one of the founding members of IDSA; however a number of years ago he did break from IDSA because IDSA had become (and still is) a step-child of the CDC branch of the government; According to what he told me, that is where he drew the line. Dr Waisbren had a ”do what you have to do” philosophy and many times deviating from the ”standards” set by others. He always got the job done. The world lost Burton Waisbren, M.D. last February at 91 years of age; He will be missed by all of his patients, especially me.

    The book that you speak of is entitled “Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease” and is available on ($25.86 with free shipping). The book was only published in paperback. I obtained my copy directly from Dr Waisbren at the time it was released;; Dr Waisbren placed a personal hand written inscription on the inside along with his autograph.

    For those interested, Dr Waisbren published his memoirs in 2007, “Adventures in the Practice of Investigative Internal Medicine 1951-2006”, which also is available at Amazon. My copy has his stylish commentary and autograph also. Dr waisbren’s website has several very interesting essays on various subjects derived from his many productive years of personal experience.

    I am new to your Blog and have signed up for your newsletter; Keep it coming; There are a lot of chronic lime cases out here that are nearing desperation for some relief; This is some bad stuff.

    I have used my internet alias for ID purposes.

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