CDC Does It Again!

CDC Does It Again!

Although the study came out last December (2015), the CDC recently made waves by officially supporting the results of the study, conducted by Dr. Wormser and 10 of his closest anti-chronic Lyme cronies.We know it will take an act of congress for the CDC to change the term PTLDS (Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome) to the more correct term CLD (Chronic Lyme Disease); the first points to a cured disease with psychosomatic symptoms and the latter points at an active infection.

But its not just semantics. If you have a “syndrome” doctors will treat symptoms, whereas if you have an infection doctors will treat the disease.

And until very recently the CDC admitted that over 20% of people with Lyme disease continue to suffer.

Now the CDC has revised this number to a mere 5% following the results of the study which is just plain false.

The Huffington Post recently published an interesting article that explains some of the history on this contentious issue, and as usual it is hotly debated.

The ongoing problem has to do with the specifications of how research studies are done, and the IDSA leadership’s unwillingness to accept over 500 research papers that disagree with their own official position.

It appears that Lyme activists need to work on their counties and state to force legislation (such as the great victory in Massachusetts) to make any fundamental change until the latest research from top-tier universities and colleges roll over the determined anti-chronic Lyme crowd.

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