Bionic 880 -€“ Fact or Fiction – Lyme Disease Cure?

Bionic 880 -€“ Fact or Fiction – Lyme Disease Cure?

When I first wrote about the Bionic 880, it was a relatively new technology  – a photon therapy device, that had claims of 96% cure-rate for people with Lyme disease.

Unfortunately, the treatment was only available by flying to Germany and being treated by Dr. Woitzel.  This could require a lengthy visit for numerous treatments in order to effectively rid the body of Lyme.

Now it is possible to purchase the machines individually, but the cost is also prohibitive for most at around $13,000 (which if it works doesn’t seem like a lot of money to get your health back.)

To see how it works read Connie Strasheim’s blog post here.

There have been a number of people who have made the investment in the Bionic 880 due to the positive feedback initially generated back in 2009 from those who were blessed financially and able to go to Germany for treatments.

Troy Cline and Connie Strashiem were part of a  group of Lymies who ventured together in 2009 to see Dr Woitzel in Germany to experience first hand the recommended treatments, and blog about their experience.

This was a vlog taken while they were both in Germany and full of hope:

Scott Fergson was also filled with hope after his trip to Germany in 2009 and wrote:

“I have had many people ask how I am doing with the photons now that I have been back for just under a month.”

” I continue to treat various infections using the protocol I learned in Germany.  I am still very optimistic that this treatment approach is working.  It takes time but I am still of the opinion that it will continue to bring benefits.”

“I have been off antibiotics and all other pharmaceutical anti-microbials for 2 months with no signs of any relapses or setbacks.  Blood tests suggest that the treatment has provided benefit and we will continue to monitor over the next several months.”

“I feel blessed to have worked with Dr. W. in Germany and look forward to the evolution of energetic medicine in the treatment of Lyme disease.”

This was written after he announced being cured from Babesisia from the Bionic 880 – see blog here.

Now his protocol for treating Lyme is KPU (Kryptopyrroluria) Protocol developed by Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt.

Clearly the Bionic 880 did not offer a lasting cure for Scott.

Back to Connie and Troy’s experience.

To read Connie’s account, visit her blog here.

She said in 2009 after all her treatments and significant consultation with Dr. Woitzel:

“A Lyme-literate physician recently tested me via ART (autonomic response testing) to determine the current state of my infections. The testing revealed that I currently have no active forms of borrelia. I think I can thank the Bionic 880 biophoton device and my god for that.”

“After at least 25 biophoton sessions this year, however, cystic forms of the organism still remain in my body (apparently). Does this mean that the Bionic 880 can’t get rid of cysts? Dr. Woitzel, a physician in Germany who uses the Bionic 880, might say No, but this form of the organism does seem more tenacious.”

“Whether the cysts cause symptoms is unknown. I remain symptomatic, in any case, due perhaps, to the damage that Lyme has done to my body, as well as to my Babesia and other infections.  Bionic 880 treatments have helped to ameliorate some of my symptoms of Babesia, but I do not know whether the machine can completely get rid of this infection. The Lyme-literate doc thus prescribed me Mepron, along with zithromax, Noni and Cumanda.”

“Here we go again,” I thought as I left his office. “I’m getting on the treadmill again…for the fifth year in a row. Am I really getting anywhere with all these treatments?”
Yes, I am better than I was five years ago. Much better. But I am far from being able to keep up with my healthy forty-something friends (and I’m only thirty-five!).”

However, last year Connie posted the following:

“About a year ago, while I was still taking antibiotics for Lyme disease (my doctor believes that my infections went into remission in November, 2010) my serotonin levels once again fell into the proverbial toilet. If 125-250 ng/ml is a normal range for serotonin on a blood test, my body was operating with levels that hovered around 30 ng/ml. My doctor thought it was a miracle that I was functional.”

So within a year Connie had abandoned the Bionic 880 which did not work out as a permanent solution.

Troy initially said the trip was worth it.

“I am herxing from it, that is always positive with me, I have only been back a week, but am feeling better every day. I will tell you what I see with the Bionic 880 – I  see people in three categories, all the way better, getting better, or really herxing, which all leads to health.”

Another Lyme traveler Mojo supposedly came home with a clean bill of health (Lyme-free), but he is still sick.

So does the Bionic 880 cure Lyme?  Even those who say “Yes” are almost all still sick – but fighting what? Lyme?  Co-infections?  Parasites? I certainly can’t say, but it seems like a far cry from the success rate of 96%.

There has been a lot chatter on forums and Lyme groups with some claiming a cure and some claiming that it is a waste of money.  There are also used units for sale on some forums.  This leads me to believe that although the machine does help chronically ill people – some more than others – it is not the BIG CURE for Lyme we all hoped for.

I continue to believe that each of us have a combination of health concerns that add to a very complex infection or group of infections that requires unique and/or different treatments to find a meaningful individual cure that usually involves many factors such as diet, sleep, supplements and special healing protocols.

Testimonies are seductive – we all want to be cured.

I guess “cure” is a relative thing depending upon how sick you are to begin with.  I believe that a cure will be total recovery to vibrant health.  But for some it may mean being able to walk.

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3 Responses to Bionic 880 -€“ Fact or Fiction – Lyme Disease Cure?

  1. Mia says:

    Thank you for this article. I am so desperate that I might as well have borrowed money again to go down there. There needs to be more balanced thoughts on healing lyme, as in this article.

  2. Angelina says:

    Thank you. What have you heard about bio reasononace Lyme repair? The ozone therapy? I’m curious. I see a lot of people spending a pretty penny and they relapse?

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Yes, I think those treatments help but most need long-term combinations of antibiotics and anti-parasite treatment as the spirochetes can hide in parasites…

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