Beyond Headlines: Lyme Disease Interview with Amy Tan and Dr. Stricker

Beyond Headlines: Lyme Disease Interview with Amy Tan and Dr. Stricker

This groundbreaking interview is well worth watching as it makes some claims that those of us in the Lyme community have believed for a long time – and it is GREAT to hear it on mainstream news finally, such as a possible one million new cases per year – yes, that is still probably an understated number but much closer than 20,000 or even 200,000 per year.

I also love Ms. Tan’s definition of healthy: “…if you can do all the things you want to do.” Fo many that should be inspiring and for others something to shoot for.

I still believe in my heart we can get rid of Borrelia completely by removing all the hiding places (parasites, biofilms, etc); having the correct “killing protocols” that work for our unique physical make-up (including immune system), co-infections with correct length of treatment; correct fitness (enough sleep, proper diet); and finally nutritional supplements for symptoms, recovery, strength and energy as well as general health.

Watch here:

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2 Responses to Beyond Headlines: Lyme Disease Interview with Amy Tan and Dr. Stricker

  1. John Prizzi says:

    I’ve had Lyme since 2007, to me, since Lyme is like MRSA which I suddenly got in my rt Hip after to a local Hospital ER in 2010. I had to have my hip scraped out in order for the antibiotics to work, and was on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks through a picc line. My point is that viruses and bacteria to me form shells of protection around themselves(created from the hosts DNA so the hosts body sees only itself), why that’s so hard to believe for some people is beyond me, it’s “common sense” and no mystery to me that in order for antibiotics to work, the bacteria or virus must have its walls down an be exposed in order for antibiotics to work.
    So the problem becomes, like all the rest of untreatable viruses and bacteria how to attack these enemies without destroying their host. To me again the best possible and maybe only solution is to use nanobots, they are the only possibility, the only thing that could possibly attack and eradicate these diseases, maybe even cancer is to do it on a cellular level.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi John –
      Thanks for commenting.

      Actually there are ways of destroying the hiding places, such as parasites and especially biofilms as you wisely mentioned. There are 3 enzymes that are particularly good at dissolving biofilms: Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase and Serrapeptase. I have been using them successfully along with large doses of penicillin and a strong probiotic of course. But I get better every month – still not a straight path but I’m not complaining! I am out of bed after seven solid years.

      Nanobots will be great when the technology becomes available but believe me it will be someone on the board of IDSA who will get the patent and associated income!


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