Best Test for Diagnosing Lyme

Best Test for Diagnosing Lyme

I am so far behind due to my move, but had to share the latest news from a friend who just received a positive Lyme test after the LONG 4 month wait for the Borrelia blood culture (available at Advanced Lab Services with a 94% accuracy).

I am frustrated that even ignores this breakthrough diagnostic tool! It was over $900 when I had it done 3 years ago and without it, I would never have been given the treatment that has given me my life back.

It is true that for decades there were no accurate tests for diagnosing Lyme disease, and certainly nothing approaching 94% accuracy! But now THERE IS AN ACCURATE LYME TEST!

The test is under $600, and I recommend that whoever takes it selects the additional 4 month option – especially for chronic cases.

For the science behind the test read:

If you have any experience with this test please add a comment.

The test is discussed in the sequel to “Under Our Skin” and although the state of NY doesn’t recognize the test, it is scientifically sound and there are no problems with contamination as was suggested by the CDC when the test was released a few years back.

Instead we have yet another example of political and financial maneuvering.

Obviously the lab who gets the nod as THE Lyme test will get all the money from hundreds of thousands of tests, and the doctor behind the development of the test gets the royalties.

Advanced Labs has been black-balled due to greedy doctors with no care for the patients who get false negatives on a regular basis and suffer terribly as a result.

Let’s work together to destroy the myth that there is no accurate Lyme test. It was true for a long time but not any more!

FYI, although Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Eva Sapi consulted on the test they do not receive royalties – you can read more about the controversy over this test here:

Be well!


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32 Responses to Best Test for Diagnosing Lyme

  1. Nancy says:

    This is a timely post, Jenna, as I’m currently awaiting my results from Advanced Labs. I added the 8-week extension :0)

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Nancy –

      Lett me know the results – and good for you for opting for this test. With DNA verification, you can be confident in the results. I know when you are sick you want to find out what is causing it – but for your sake I hope it comes back negative.



  2. Sharon Harmon says:

    Last Friday my husband was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease by a lab out of Palo Alto Ca. . He is now on a 3 month regime
    of doxycycline and hopefully it will work!

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Sharon –
      He is lucky to get 3 months! If he was just infected chances are great he will have a full recovery. Unfortunately sometimes the diagnosis comes months after the initial contact and a more aggressive treatment is needed – I will pray your husband recovers completely! Make sure he keeps taking the doxy even after he starts to feel completely better.

      Best wishes,


  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for your post on this lyme test. Hopefully it will soon get the validation it deserves. And most likely it will take public outcry to get it given the politics involved. I used this test for my son as an “after treatment” test. Much to my disappointment, it showed at 16 weeks, that he still had an active infection. I am sure that is what they are afraid of. Shame on the CDC! Millions of people suffering when they could have prevented so much of it. As for my son, I would certainly rather know than not know, but it means that our lyme nightmare is not over yet.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Thanks for spreading the news Laura! I also say shame on many Lyme-literate docs, ILADS, and lyme research alliance that are not promoting this test. I think your son id fortunate to have a clear diagnosis to get strong treatment – at his age and catching it early he should recover quickly.

      Best wishes,


  4. wlkthne says:

    Hey Jenna….you know we met years ago… your lyme blog….and look forward to it all the time…I catch things on the fly now, not so deep into it as I was….but I still nail an article once and a while. Want to say, Congrats on the Move….smartest move you ever made….did you see the BIG article on the dead Moose of Maine? How much longer can we ignore… Anyhow, I’m a Victim of NY’s hide under the covers while Millions get infected….is there any way I can go outside of NY and get this test? I know how I can get Dr. Bz a Vet now with Galexy to test me for Bartonella……but Lyme…..What if I demanded a Doctor here to send it to Ingex or Advanced labs? I should have some legal rights? no? Sad part is here in NY ANY DOCTOR other than a LLMD will say ohh ok I guess take two Doxy for 10 days…your cured… BTW I was comenting to an article someone beat me, she mentioned a way for us ourselves to test the tick? or ourselves? Can’t find it now…thought she called it LymeX or some thing like that…..what’s that deal?

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      I actually heard from Maine hunters about more than one dead moose covered in ticks…it gave me chills and I am thrilled to live in a place I can walk out my door and worry about normal bugs although I won’t be hiking in the wilds of Florida either as they have healthy Lyme ticks here too but not nearly as many.

      Yes, you can get the Advanced Lab Test living in NY but you need it ordered by a doctor outside of NY like CT or NJ depending on where you live. I will dig into the LymeX test but I have been way behind my research due to this move which I have struggled to do with the charity of kind and generous people who have helped financially and a few helping with the manual part of it but most of that part has fallen on me which is physically stressful…but so worthwhile! Anyways, I am glad my blog helps and I hope you continue to recover my friend.


  5. Margaret says:

    I dont understand. What is the test called? And where can we get it????????

  6. ÿþS says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact used to be a leisure account it. Glance advanced to more delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how could we keep up a correspondence?

  7. Shawna Moore says:

    Thank you for posting about this test. I have been treated for MS for 15 years yet none of the medications have ever really improved anything for me. I had a positive Lyme test a week ago followed by a few negative tests and my Neurologist saying “you don’t have Lyme” but that one positive test gives me pause. I think I should bite the bullet and order this Advanced Lab test just to be sure. Have you heard of many false positives? I think it was the Western Blot that was positive.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      IDSA doctors insist that there are many false positives for western blot tests and yet ILLADS doctors have claimed openly that if you have a clinical diagnosis for Lyme from a ly,e-literate doctor that even one positive band supports a positive Lyme diagnosis even if it days negative according to the CDC reporting requirements (see other posts on this blog about the lack of reliability of the western blot.) I encourage anyone who is uncertain of their diagnosis to take the blood culture from Advanced Lab Services as soon as possible because the longer you have spirochetes growing in your body and developing colonies, and invading the central nervous system, the harder it is to recover.

      Time is critical – to get a positive (or negative) diagnosis and begin an aggressive treatment.

  8. shannon says:

    is advanced lab services the one located in sharon hill, pa? my test came back 1.10 equivocal from labcorp with positive 41igg and 23igm…an infectious disease doctor told me that my test was negative, but i have every symptom.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      No, your results sound like a western blot through Lab Corp which is based on antibodies. Advanced Lab Services is a blood culture which grows spirochetes (form multiple species) in a culture and then verifies the authenticity of the results comparing the DNA of the bacteria to the DNA Lyme database created by SUNY. You get either positive or negative results and the CDC does not recognize the test yet because it was developed by researchers without test contracts with Big Pharma and it appears that IDSA and CDC are “in bed together” as the CDC actually insinuated that the lab was contaminated when in fact several outside medical examiners have found the lab and the test procedures to be completely sterile, professional and reliable.

  9. Shathi says:

    I’ve heard about a new ultraviolet machine called the UVLRx that’s being used for Lyme patients. It uses a fiber optic thread which is inserted directly into the vein and the treatment lasts for an hour, so all the blood is treated. Has anyone tried this?

  10. Tana Johnson says:

    I’m curious why you don’t mention Rife technologies, considering Bryan Rosner’s book on the subject, comparing the effectiveness of Rife to pharmaceuticals within a 1 year period: Rife 100 per cent, with no side effects. Drugs, 30 percent. More to the point, I would so appreciate any leads to contact the Rifing community on Big Island, Hawai’i. Mahalo for your tender loving care of Lyme sufferers!!!!

  11. Barbara Nesman says:

    Please send your blog to my new address. We got lyme at about the same time & your blog was so helpful. After 3 years of antibiotics i am symptom free. Long term rx does work.


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  14. Bernard Dufort says:

    Hello Jeanna.

    Hope all is well and thanks, again, for all your devoted, inspiring and motivating work. You have it right, this battle will be won through information.

    Personnally, at this point, I am focused on legal recourses and compensation, for us, the victims of the IDSA and the medical/Pharma establishment in regards to their broad dissemination plan of the illness (wishing us best of luck and patience).

    That being said, I am more than happy there are finally a few reliable lab tests available, thanks to a handfull of brave “freedom” fighters.

    Since I could not get access to these tests as I live in the Caribbean, I got myself a microscope for around $ 600 USD and was able to observe the beasts from a single blood drop off my finger.

    Consequently, I would very much like to see this inexpensive diagnosis method (microscopes are plenty abundant everywhere, but very little used by MD’s) be promoted and publicised more agressively.

    Upmost regards and may God bless You.


    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Very inspirational! I agree that simple biology would be far preferable to unreliable antibody tests! Good for you! Of course now you have the treatment nightmare! Good luck and I hope you find total recovery!


  15. Rhthrt says:

    Initially very impressed by his phiooslphy only to find he is not listed in faculty and staff directory. While researching for a media ethics course I selected a source that is an internationally acclaimed author and professor. I emailed her and my colleagues were more than amazed that this person was so freely available and not only willing, but enthusiastic that someone half a world away was interested in her theories. I realize we cannot make ourselves available to everyone at all times, but directorial fame still isolates Mr. Shadyac from the everyday Joe or Jane. My question: When an individual gives up material goods and gives away individual items with the intent of leaving behind a better world, how does one make a lasting impact rather than a momentary appreciation that will be carried/paid forward and have lasting impact on a world socially conditioned to immediate gratification without any sense of responsibility to do the same for those that come behind? The 12 year old kid that develops apps for investing and promotes responsible investing by following the 3 P’s (people, profits,planet) in his investment choices may be a great pick for socially responsible education. Giving from the heart requires no publicity, I don’t accuse him of that as I realize creating a consistent form of philanthropy requires continual funding.

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  17. Fred Friedrich says:

    Dear Jenna; My name is Fred, I am a caregiver of my ex-wife Debra for over 10 yrs. now. It is possible that I contacted you many years ago. You were very nice and helpful! Debra was tested over ten yrs. ago and the doctor stated that she tested minimum positive. Tried a docsiline?_ anti-biotic and she herxed a lot. Debra took anti-biotics for 8 yrs., lost 3 Lyme doctors. In the whole process she got better but never really good. Back and forth, up and down, never knowing what was going on! In and out of the hospital. Tested again by a hospital, sorry I did not find out what test, but stated she did not have any proof that she still had it?
    I am now her provider and I get payed by Medicaid waiver to take care of her. Not much but with my S.S. and Medicaid + with her S.S. and Medicare we are surviving! Debra and I have lost hope that anything will ever give us the answers we need! She is doing OK but is suffering from fibermialga? from shaking after P.T. or anything she does for a time. She was diagnosed with bipolar and the meds seem to be doing the trick. I can only believe with all the meds she has taken all her life is now causing all these problems. She has many medical problems and has been used as a ginny pig for many of her aliments. I am lost and we are in our mid 60’s. I have been a great problem solver all my life, but being so overwhelmed over the years with trying to figure out who to believe where to go, my irregular heart beat caught up to me and I died twice last year. The doctors finally solved that problem. Then my anxiety got too much for me to handle by myself. I finally went and got meds for that and it has been working pretty good. But Debra and I are still trying to find out what to do. Money is a still a problem and Debra does not travel well. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANY MORE!!!!! Fred and Debra

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Fred and Debra – I really sympathize! It sounds like a bad case of neurolyme and the best thing is long term antibiotics PLUS herbal support. The cheapest alternative treatment is Himalayan salt caps and apple poly but that can take 5 years or more and you can’t miss a single dose… Many times the spirochetes hide i benign parasites and come out to reproduce as soon as the coast is clear so Food Grade DE is also important. Check out for what I have done…I am about 95% better most of the time but still have bedridden days…it takes so long to get rid of once it is as acute as your wife has…I am so sorry for your situation! Try to find a support group for your wife but also for you! You both need support and the best people to help are people who have lived through what you are going through!

      God bless!

      • Fred & Debra says:

        Jenna is there any place that we could go to have Debra tested? To be sure she had it at all!
        I have to be sure! I can’t put her thru another failure! Fred & Debra

  18. Fred & Debra says:

    Jenna, Debra and I live Boone, Iowa.

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