Alternative Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

Alternative Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

A combination of treatments (non-antibiotic) seem to be effective for some patients being treated in Utah. Dr. Brett J. Earl, MD, a prominent Lyme disease expert at the Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic in Bountiful, Utah reports successful treatment at his clinic using a combination of six separate and distinct modalities to treat Lyme disease.

Dr. Earl and his associates at the Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic created an approach that uses:

  1. Whole Body Hyperthermia (raising body temperature)
  2. PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields)
  3. Systemic Hyper-Oxygenation (SHO)
  4. G-Force (Gravitational inertia induced frequency vibration)
  5. Medically Directed Therapeutic Workouts, including breathing exercises
  6. Individualized Diet including prescription Medical Smoothies
  7. Other clinics in the US and Europe use one or two  similar modalities to treat Lyme disease, but the FAR Clinic is the first to both enhance and combine all six modalities into one integrated treatment program, improving on each modality synergistically.  Even better, all these modalities are non-invasive.  The bottom line: all of the modalities researched by Dr. Earl and his associates have been radically improved upon following their research.

    Addressing this issue Dr. Earl said:

    “We utilize a precision-crafted sequence of orchestrated events and modalities to produce an exponential increase in the beneficial enzymatic processes throughout your body, down to the cellular level.”

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