Add Your Viewpoint About Chronic Lyme Disease

Add Your Viewpoint About Chronic Lyme Disease

Pamela Weintraub recently spoke out on the medical controversy surrounding chronic Lyme disease and how the people suffering unjustly need to be heard and treated.

A website called “Aeon Ideas” published the full article here: and welcomes comments.

I encourage you to read the whole article and tell your story.

Following is part of her article:

“As long these patients remain so poorly understood,  they will continue to be marginalized and the fights between doctors will go on.  Only when science can define the engine of their suffering down to very last inflammatory molecule  in the human body and the source down to the final genome of each invading pathogen  will we truly understand these intersecting illnesses, evolving ever more rapidly with climate change iteself. And only when we vanquish the tragic 

medical misstep of defining  disease out of existence to stay within the confines of some test, especially tests as flawed as those used for Lyme, will we see  each patient through the lens of pathogenesis itself.

Until  Lyme science  is driven by the most advanced concepts of biomedicine with technologies to match,  Lyme patients will suffer. Lyme disease patients treated late in the game will remain contested patients, and they will find themselves someplace they never wanted to be: Navigating the wild west of medicine,  filtering out the scams and seeking treatments and hope of the sort you  must scavenge and scrounge when the world says you aren’t real.

Is it any surprise that patients like this can frustrate physicians who practice by the book?  The tussle between such doctors and counterparts stepping outside the lines to care for contested patients is par for the course. 

-Pamela Weintraub, author, Cure Unknown

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4 Responses to Add Your Viewpoint About Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Marianne Rozum says:

    2 points: 1) Just so incredibly sick of the big divide (like Congress) between conservative physicians and progressive naturopaths. Just makes me really frustrated. Point 2) I’ve learned to keep taking probiotics, fiber, rest and avoid foods that don’t like me. I know that the better I take care of myself the better I feel and I can’t let the buggers get the better of me and win their dirty little terrorist fight! I’m not afraid! Also attitude is everything. Also faith….very important, it can move mountains. Believe this or not, you can actually ask the buggers to leave. I’m not crazy, I did it with my carpenter ants. Asked them to leave, they left. Told the spirochetes to leave, never felt better! I hear you laughing and don’t care because I’m on to something big! (And don’t say they invaded my brain tissue!) All humor has a ring of truth to it, that’s why you’re laughing, it’s true!!!

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Marianne –
      I would never laugh at you – faith is very powerful and I know people who have been cured “mysteriously” due to faith. It hasn’t worked for me, but I pray it works for others and we all need to find our own path right now because the medical community has abandoned us for now.

      The good news is that there is far more information out there about our struggles and pressure is mounting for better diagnostics and better treatment so don’t give up. And yes, rst and diet is critical but it does not kill spirochetes.

      Thanks for writing!

      God bless,


      • Carl Cumming says:

        Yes Jenna, rest and diet are critical but they do not kill spirochetes. I live in South East Florida and I had to take control myself, the doctors here are in complete denial, you cant mention Lyme disease to them without starting an argument or having them leave the room.
        There in one alternative doctor near me who did diagnose me with Lyme Disease
        but wont treat me because he’s afraid to lose his license.
        I am sick of being sick.

        • Jenna Seaver says:

          Hi Carl –

          I sympathize! It seems the good Lyme docs don’t accept insurance…but they are out there and most insurance will reimburse certain expenses. I hope I did not give the impression that rest and diet cure Lyme – I do not believe that anymore than I believe a strong immune system cures Lyme. Reading the expert pathologists who test Borrelia daily or better yet, listen to Dr. Burgdorfer…spirochetes are incredibly stealthy and intelligent and require strong antibiotics or strong killing treatments in addition to biofilm and parasite busting protocols to come close to a full recovery! I know one person who had great success with Dr. Hao in Boca Raton – I hope you will find the right doctor and get going on a treatment that works for you.


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