A Fellow Lymie Published on Huffington Post

A Fellow Lymie Published on Huffington Post

Vicki Gould has suffered greatly with chronic Lyme disease, and has had the courage to forge through her travails to find a silver lining to the cloud of pain.  In her article, “What Chronic Lyme Disease Taught Me About Life”, she describes her journey as a discovery to live life to its fullest and most of all without regrets.

I agree – regrets can be crippling and truly we never had a choice about getting sick. We are victims of a chance encounter with nature but we don’t have to live like victims.

Even at our sickest, we have a choice to sink into despair and bitterness or to strive for health. It is possible to regain our ability to function and even to thrive but it does take effort and courage.

As Vicki says, “Please, if you have chronic Lyme disease, don’t lose hope of getting better! I wish for everyone not to have to go through something so huge that it makes you reflect like I did, but I also see my experience as a blessing because now that I’ve gotten a second chance at life, I’m bound and determined to make sure that I live my purpose, be my true self and not waste time with meaningless junk.

It’s my turn now — no regrets. Now go make it your turn too!”

Read the whole story at Huffington Post.

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